Make a Deer Hunting Blind for under $200

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My daughter Jemma decided she wanted to go hunting with me this year. We went turkey hunting in the spring. She really enjoyed it and was really disappointed she didn’t harvest a turkey. So she’s really excited to get a chance to harvest a deer this 2019 Michigan deer hunting season. So we decided to build a deer hunting blind and this is our deer hunting blind set up.

As a youth deer hunter she is only eight years old so she still gets the shakes, wiggles and likes to talk a little loud. She also gets really bored so the patients of deer hunting might be a struggle for her. So I decided to build her a deer blind. I wanted something enclosed that she would have room to wiggle and move around a little bit but not scare away the deer.

I wanted to make a homemade deer blind because the deer blinds you can buy at the stores are really expensive. Most of the blinds that are big enough for both of us and my cameras are around $800 and $1000. I decided to build a pretty basic deer blind I don’t want to put any deer blind windows or anything really advanced in it. Homemade deer blinds will do us just fine. I only plan on using the homemade deer hunting blind when I hunt with Jemma.

When I priced out a deer blind at Cabelas and I priced out a Deer blind at Bass Pro Shops They were very very expensive. As much as I would like to take Jemma hunting from a deer stand I know she just wouldn’t do a good job sitting still. I didn’t want to build a ground blind so that we could be setting up a little higher so she can see over the soy beans.

When I build the homemade deer blind I make it a six foot by four foot box with a seven foot ceiling. I didn’t really use any deer blind plans I pretty much just winged it. Most of the stuff to build a deer blind is basic math. I made the blind stand up 4 feet above the ground. It’s a good angle for Jemma to shoot at and it’s not really hard for her to take a shot from 4 feet off the ground. There are a lot of great deer blinds you can buy from the stores but they are so expensive. But when you build a hunting blind it will mean more to you

I was able to build this deer blind for less than $200. Muddy blinds make some really good deer blinds. As well Bank blinds are really nice but once again they are really expensive. Molded deer blinds have a lot of great options with windows you can shoot out of with a bow and arrow or crossbow or a rifle. But they are so expensive so I had to build my own deer hunting blind. I’m really excited for the 2019 michigan deer hunting season. There are a lot of really big michigan bucks on our property. I really want to harvest a couple big michigan bucks and I especially want my daughter to harvest a big buck so that she can get really excited about deer hunting.

There’s not many cheap deer hunting blinds. I’m glad I took the time to build one with my kids. Making a homemade deer blind is a great option if you have the tools and the time to build a blind. I would recommend building a blind on the location of where you hunt. That way you don’t have to make a trip to the location with a big deer blind on your truck or on a trailer. So if you can’t afford a cheap deer blind just make your own.

Not only did I need to build a deer hunting blind I needed to make a deer hunting blind that would last over the years for michigan deer hunting. Michigan deer hunting has a lot of elements from the weather. We get a lot of rain that our michigan deer hunting blind will need to overcome. We also get a lot of snow and a lot of cold weather in late winter that could damage the deer blind. Michigan deer hunting starts the season out hot and it usually ends really cold. So having a good deer hunting blind that will be able to outlast all of the elements brought on by the weather is important. We put a good medal roof on the top of the deer blind to protect it from rain and then we painted the rest of it to protect it from the rain.

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  1. Josh you might seal up the cracks around the roof and other places so wasp and yellow jackets won't make nest during the summer. good looking blind. where r u hunting?

  2. Great job!!! I hope she has great luck from hunting from it! I sure hope the stand is cabled down with some guy wires? That'd be one hell of a ride to be sitting in the stand and a big wind blow the blind over!!! Good Luck!!!

  3. Love the idea of a sliding door. When you are trying to keep it small, a swinging door tends to be in the way and making them swing out makes it harder (and more dangerous) to climb in. Thanks for the video.

  4. Awsome did the same thing with my daughter when we were in Texas. She's 23 married and still wants to go hunting with the Ol Man. Going in Dec. Thanks for the vid dad

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