Make your own Duck/Goose blind for under 50$!

DIY waterfowl blind! Use the materials below for a good blind and around 50$.

Hunt Video:

The below materials were bought at Home Depot.

Blind Panels: Looks like Home Depot is now carrying the panels by Garden Path, same size and price. 10$ per panel.

Wood Stakes:

Spray Paint:

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  1. Didn’t show details like attatching blind to the posts, putting posts into the ground, and attatching natural weeds, etc. to the blind. More info all around needed!

  2. Cheaper way is to just use some scrap chicken wire no hassle just use natural brush to keep it up and you and put natural grass sticks anything anywhere on it Light weigh to hassle putting it up or making it

  3. The panels are currently unavailable at Home Depot. Do you have a specific name for the panels or a part number so I can try to find it elsewhere? Love the idea!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I followed your instructions and built this duck blind. I was kinda worried because when you sit inside it's very see through, but from the outside it looks like just another pile of reeds. Birds landing in my face, and not a single one flared. I used pvc instead of wooden poles though. Thank you from Texas!!

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