Making a Natural Ground Blind Part 1

The Backwoodsman’s Institute presents: making a natural ground blind. In this 2 part video Logan shows how to make a ground blind using natural materials from your hunting area. Watch both parts to fully understand the concept.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I always brush in between two trees that are close together with a dark camo net hung behind me between the trees so it’s very dark and shadows me I make my blind into the shape of a v with my back tucked as far back into the v as possible and brush in both side leaving the front open with brush cut and tied together in a bundle so when I get into my blind and sit in my chair I then pull my bundle in front of my opening to cover me to about my chest and drape a leafy camo net over that for added cover and shoot over the top of it works great

  2. For the money can't beat it. Sets up easily with directions that come with it.>>> Set up took me two minutes and I was done. The only thing I did not like was the velcro mesh. I removed the ones where I will be shooting my bow through. Besides that I'm happy with it. The last thing is to use some kind of tent water proofing spray to water proof it.

  3. As a wild life photographer.. I really enjoyed this video, sir! Great stuff. I know what I do is bit different from hunting, but so much the same as well. Great stuff here! I really dug this video cause it helps use natural surroundings to hide! Gotten some good photos using natural blind method!

  4. The thing I like about this video is that you show people how to do things without having to spend a lot of money. I build ground blinds all the time to hunt and make the challenge of a hunt rather than sitting in a tree. Great videos keep them coming!

  5. How do you prevent some darn fool from taking a potshot at movement or whatever in the blind? I’ve already had it happen to me once last season and have no desire for a repeat. At the moment, I’m considering signs posted several hundred feet out pointing to the blind, but was wondering if there's a better solution. If this can’t be resolved, I’m giving up on blinds and going back to stalking in bright orange camo.

  6. Awesome series. I plan on using this technique this november for general gun deer opening in FL. Would it be accurate to say that you would want the wind to your face as opposed to blowing from behind you?

  7. @lrfromme Wow never bew about the uv side of it. Sorry it could have been a ' organe ' ghillie suit. Going to look up more into this and uv. Very helpfull site you have there. How do you find those mirror blinds, think there called ghost screens or something.

  8. @chefslot well part of that is right most mammal game species i.e. deer do not see in the same color spectrum as we do. however avian game species i.e. turkeys see full color. lets take whitetail deer for an example they kinda see on a blue color/UV light spectrum. this is why people UV treat their hunting clothes n also why hunter blaze organe doesn't stand out to them. as for a bright yellow ghille suit i dont know maybe, but when i wear my ghillie suit hunting i just wear a hunter organe hat.

  9. @trey8047 yes you very well could. you could pull that off quite easily matter of fact. just have shooting windows and lay sticks over the uprights and first make a square outline then lay the sticks on i would lay them all one way them make another layer going perpendicular to those. you could even weave in and out if you wanted.

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