Making my first deer hunting blind jemsie outdoors

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I am really excited to do some deer hunting this year. The 2019 Michigan Deer Hunting season will be my first deer hunting season. I am excited to hunt with my dad. He makes videos on Josh Makes Movies. .

I will be using my killer instinct crossbow which I got from Jason Allen of hunt the rush tv. I have been practicing a lot and I can’t wait to harvest my first deer. I’m hoping to get a big buck. Even though I am hunting for the meat a big buck has a lot more meat than a small doe or small buck.
My goal is to harvest a nice grown buck with big antlers. It takes a little more patients to harvest a big buck because the younger ones aren’t as scared of people.

When I told my dad I wanted to start hunting with him he thought that we would need a to buy a cheap deer blind for sale. He started looking for homemade deer blinds that he could make himself. Even though a molded hunting blind is really nice and has a lot of options a molded hunting blind can be very very expensive. There are really nice amish build deer blinds out there on the market.

When we went to Cabelas to buy my youth hunting cloths we looked at the deer hunting blinds there. I really want to hunt in a deer stand with my dad. My dad thinks I’m too wiggly and too loud to hunt from a deer stand out on the open by a tree. We have been thinking about getting deer blind windows for our homemade deer blind. When we were at the store we saw some muddy blinds but they were really expensive.

At first we were going to build a ground blind but since I’m only eight I’m kind of short so my dad said we should build an elevated deer blind. I feel like we went shopping everywhere we even looked for deer blinds at walmart. There are some really nice hunting blinds walmart made but they were even expensive.

We looked up so deer blind plans online but we didn’t really find anything we liked or could build in a day. This took a couple days to build but we had a lot going on when we were building. We were playing catch and we were watching the deer out in the fields. There were a lot of big mid michigan bucks and I can’t wait for the 2019 michigan deer hunting season to start.

I’m hoping by the end of the day Me and my dad can hunt from a deer stand. He has one double deer stand out in the field and it’s close to where we saw all of the big bucks come out of. I’m really hoping that I can go hunting as long as possible with my dad but he thinks I’ll get cold on the deer stand.

My dad made the deer blind so that I can shoot my killer instinct crossbow out of it. My cross bow is a awesome it is really accurate I hit the bulls eye every single time i shot it when I was practicing. There are some really nice bank blinds that I liked but my dad didn’t want to spend that much money. There are cheap deer blinds out there but they are still twice as much money as the deer blind my dad built.

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