Menards Booner Deer Hunting Box Blind Review! Michigan Hunting! The Perfect Deer Blind! Deer Camp

This is my overview of my Mendards Booners 5 sided box blind. I still currently use this blind and love it. Check out some of my other hunting videos and I talk about different things that I have done to improve it over the years.

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  1. I bought the same one 3 years ago 4 similar price. My setup is similar to yours. I love this blind. This last deer season I the up of mi I haD many deer walk by within 10 ft of me. Once one walked by the blind so close I could have touched her!! Scent control is not a problem. I've even sneezed and they looked and went to browsing again. So noise control is good too. I watch movies on my laptop without earphones! Your observations o windows was exactly the same as mine are. I would and have bragged/recommended it to everyone I talk to. Thanks for video and confirming my observations….

  2. I purchased Maxxed outdoor windows to replace the windows this blind comes with. It's been a 100 times better to hunt since I installed them. I also secured the blind to the platform by screwing 2×4 at bottom of each panel.

  3. Enjoyed the video. Like the idea of buying a blind and customizing it yourself. Saving a ton of money!
    Too many blinds out there are now ridiculous on price and people can see from your video that you can make a decent blind for a fraction of the price.

  4. Great video with some good, helpful commentary. I have looked at that blind at Menards. It is too flimsy for my taste, but to each his own. I decided to build my own blind in the usual method….2×4 framed walls and siding. Keep up the great content and best of luck to you this season!

  5. Fixing to order one myself and plan on doing pretty much the same layout.. Flip up windowss with egg creat styl foam on walls for Sound Deading.

  6. I have the 4 panel Booner blind- it's a little tight but I make it work. Really like it, and I would like a bit of a shelf inside under the windows. How did you attach the 2×4's inside? What do you use to keep the windows up? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for another informative video on your blinds! You make some great modifications! Its larger on the inside than it looks. I have a platform very similar to yours that I had a tent on for years. Tents now shot and I am going to do something new. Thanks for the ideas and good luck hunting!!


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