Welcome to my blind let’s play playthrough of Lamplight City by Grundislav Games! The game takes place within an alternate history version of 19th century America that incorporates steampunk elements, in which players take control of a private detective who tackles a series of cases. Although operating like a standard point-and-click adventure game, players have no inventory and can decide how to acquire information and how a case is solved, with the game’s overall ending affected by the choices made.

In this episode, we continue investigating the Justice Killer’s previous cases! We head over to the Ironworks and speak to the Foreman there who tells us he believes the Reddites sabotaged the place! It seems he won’t tell us anything until we help him with that, so we head to the Cab Depot next where we see a familiar face! We’re told the victim of that murder was a horrible person, and Bill suggests investigating more about the victims and why the Justice Killer might have targeted them! Next up is the Bridge Construction Site, where we’re told to head to the Rouen Coffee House before being kicked out! We decide to go to Burley Cause’s apartment next, but there’s no answer at the door, so we knock on the next door neighbour’s door instead! A lady comes to the door and says she won’t help us until we go to the Silent Raven and tell her husband to come back home! What is it with Miles being made to do everthing for people in this case? We head to The Silent Raven and speak to Kurt! We tell him we were in a similar situation to him recently and he should talk to his wife! He agrees and heads home! Maybe now we’ll find out some info?

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  1. Nice one! You're right about the objectives really piling up in this one. At least there's no question of "what should we do" though. XD Nice work with that couple, hope it works out with them. Well played!

  2. I don't blame the foreman for being pre-occupied by his equipment being (likely) sabotaged. You never knew if it was deliberate or sabotage with the twists this game delivers. Herman is probably one of the most genuinely likeable characters in the game. Those bridge workers are hiding something for sure. This might be another situation where you could get locked out if you say the wrong thing. Especially in this late stage of the game, you can't just simply investigate a crime scene. I have read that alcohol back then was faaaar more harsh than the alcohol today. That bartender is also awesome. She gave me a good chuckle. I guess you could have gotten Kurt thrown out if you failed at getting back in good terms with Addy.

  3. I’m guessing that if you failed to convince Kurt to go home, you could have gotten him kicked out. That’s why you could keep asking the barmaid how someone could be kicked out. And the game assumed you would talk to her before Kurt, which is why you asked about “the man sitting over there” when he wasn’t there anymore.

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