Mistake of '58: The GM Chromemobiles and Far Out '59s

A classic car connaisseur tells the story of General Motors misstep in 1958. The future wasn’t about chrome, but about tailfins. This video goes deep into the design process that ulitmalety resulted in the most space age cars ever made… the 1959 Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I love the '59 Chevy. Some of those older chrome designs were over the top, but in the 60s it seemed like all cars started to look the same. Thenin the 90s everything was a lump-o-clay in a wind tunnel. It seems like there are very few cars that really stand out anymore.

  2. 17:10 – thank you for using the word "re todd did", and recognizing it has separate meanings. We can't even type it in comments without Youtube (AKA GOOGLE)'s over reaching authoritarian power hungry freaks deleting the comment.

  3. 58 Chevy rear looked like an owl. I had a 4 door Biscayne with a 235 6 cyl powerglide and loved it! The 59 Chevy was the most gosh awful thing ever conceived by mankind. The 60 was much improved! Nothing was more beautiful than the huge chrome horn ring and deep blue bowtie on my 58 !

  4. Today they look like plain boxes all having same front grill no crome.

    I remember the Chrsyler Imperial unbelievable luxurious interior with outside chrome with stylish taillights that you had to touch.

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  6. Summary after watching: they all collectively look stupid and product of boredom. It seems like metal was too cheap back then so they had enough to just put around anywhere. Its great there was a model made with a propeller or a tank's main gun

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