Modi Turns Blind Eye to TN Black Flags, Lauds 110-Jet Plan at Expo

Speaking at the event in Mahabalipuram, PM Modi highlighted the advances in India’s defence scenario, and elaborated upon his plans regarding the nation’s defence.

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  1. As South Indians we are smart I voted for this guy but not any more he is a complete jumla and cheat …not again will do everything I can to make bjp decimate in south

  2. Hello Mr The Quint.. PM does good for India , You obey or not .. But your propaganda is not going to work . You ,me and even whole YouTubers know PM has more capabilities than other leaders. You may get some financial support by Congress or your parents may have voted Congress, But it's 2018 .. Everybody loves fact that PM is directing india in good direction..

  3. We all love PM.. No matter few anti-nationalist are playing Voting game. These tamil people didn't support for India before. Even they beated many Other States people.. These are black in appearance and black in work too.. Africa people are far better then ,these tamil people.. atleast african helps other,while tamil people Beats others..

    Whole india hate Tamilnadu people. that's truth and will remain truth.

  4. Pls PM….. Ye bomb aur ye takat desh ke bachiyo ko saftey ke liye…. Use karo…. Aur sayad jo khoon bhegaa… Uska chittaa aapke daaman per hi padega…. Shame on Bjp…. Haar gyi abb beti…. Haar gyi wo gudiya….. Jisko haanth diya wahi Ravan nikla…. Asfiaa hum shrmindaa hain tere qatil zindaa hain

  5. Myself from North but my respect to Tamil Nadu guys. At last somebody made him realise that he is not good PM (fake + feku) that too on his face.
    Jhumlebaaj kahin ka…

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