My Homemade Deer Blind Upgrade!

DIY homemade deer blinds are a great and economical way to build the exact blind that deer hunters need. After building several of these homemade deer stands we took the best features and incorporated them into our latest stand. We incorporated bench seating with thick cushions, a gabled roof, more roof overhang, bowhunting doors, adjustable seat supports, foot rests, and a entry/exit grab handle. This is truly the best DIY deer blind we’ve ever built. In this video I will show you how to build a deer stand like this one. In my opinion, the best deer blind is the one that meets all your need for your type of hunting. I’m excited to hunt out of this deer blind this year as I believe it’s best deer stand for the upcoming season! Please shoot me an email if you have any questions! God bless and Happy Hunting!

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  1. Step1. Hit the like button then watch the video!!! Lol. Love the design and the bench seating makes it easier to take a “safe” nap. Great video. Keep them coming. God bless, Ron.

  2. Nice stand!! I live in Trinity, we have communicated a few times, I hunt near Morris. How is your hog situation?? We have killed 26 so far this summer!! They still kept coming!!

  3. Very smart design! We love blind hunting with the kids. Also when it rains it’s a great option to get inside. I just ordered the Fourth Arrow blind camera arm mount to put into mine.

  4. I find that getting into the stand and seeing a wasp nest 3" from my face the most stimulating part of getting in. That thing is really nice. Love the grab handle on the rear seat. Where gonna you mount the tv? 😁

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