My plans for 2017

How to enter my 10,000 Subscriber Tackle Giveaway



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  1. Wish you the best of luck of course. I just graduated. But I'm here to tell you to like immediately go to Video Manager>channel>branding and PLEASE add a branding watermark. This is the button in the bottom right corner that everyone clicks to sub. Good luck!!!!

  2. Nice video can’t wait to see more from you. I Plan on making a video like this soon. Also please be sure to check out my channel I have a giant giveaway going on right now and not a ton of people are in it so you probably have a good chance of winning if you enter. Good Luck!

  3. KBF will miss you this year, but it'll be ready and waiting when you get back! Best of luck in your program, and I commend you on believing in yourself and focusing on what you feel strongly about!

  4. As a high school student who runs cross country and track, which requires year round training to achieve my goals, I know how hard it is to film fishing videos and do everything else in good balance. So I respect you and your decision to continue your education and reach for your goals.

  5. No need to apologize for the "balls to the wall" comment, it is an old pilot saying. The throttle controls had balls on the top of them and when pushed all the way forward for maximum acceleration, it was referred to as balls to the wall. good luck with your studies, my wife is an RTR.

  6. Plenty of time to do YouTube afterwords….don't forget to to have some fun…it helps with the stress….but once you are done it's great when you get that out of the way then you can just live life…good luck!

  7. Best of Luck Sydney. Pursue your dreams and when you find the time you can always wet a line. Those of us who enjoy your channel will be here whenever you get the chance to post a vid.

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