Neighbours Called Him Crazy, But He Had the Last Laugh

Coming up are some amazing stories about people who protected their home in amazing ways.
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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. What a complete load of bullshit what the fuck is up with left-wing Democrat social media always exaggerating, or changing the story it’s truly pathetic. In fact, I hope the person that wrote the story eats a bad apple or get a stomach ache.

    Nobody thought he was crazy. Everyone thought it was a great idea, including me.

    No one ever said the guy was crazy and he had the extra money to get the stuff

    But people did call him an asshole because he wasn’t hurting for money

    And driving to Louisiana, and back is not a treacherous trip at all. In fact, it’s pretty much a one shot drive all the way there and back.

    You’ve been fleeted all over the points of what happened

    Also, I would like to point out that he did not take a chance. He spoke to several of our friends and Angleton, which is next to Brazoria.

    And he was one of 400 people that used the aqua dam in Brazoria county

    The fact that you would post anything else, but that is completely nonsense and obnoxious

    I hope something very unpleasant, naturally happens to the narrator in the person that wrote this video

    Because it’s exaggerating it’s not true and once again, promoting fake news, just tell it like it is

    Just tell it like it happened

    It’s not difficult to get a Street Store ee’s most of a shoot pretty straight down here

  2. Be amazed please see this comment but basically why were you showing videos of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina for the guy in Texas is two different places ones in Treme New Orleans Louisiana ones in Texas somewhere

  3. great ideas for those who live near rivers & oceans. the fire proofing looks like alot of work. (not easy to install on a steep roof) Overall loved the video! Definitely safety measures to think about in mother natures paths!!!

  4. The pictures are eye-catching but we live near a flood zone and when the river goes into flood the ground water level rises and the water comes up under the houses and seeps through the floors, barriers don't have any effect. The solution has been to demolish the houses and rebuild them on 4ft high bases that are above the maximum river level.

  5. Interesting video but gave up in the end as shows very little of the actual subjects we’re looking and then both dumbs it down and jumps around endlessly to shots of other things which detract from what would have been an interesting video ! Perhaps I’m too old 🙂 and it’s aimed at pre schoolers !

  6. Just gets to show you how deceitful you tube really is. Most people that lived in flood zones its no laughing matter. Only people laughed at Noah when he built the Arc but back then it never rained, moisture came from heaven to feed the plants rain wasn't necessary. During the flood in Noah's time rain wasn't the only water source water also came out of the earth as well. The great deep had large springs for water to come out. I would never laugh at strange homes the people that live in them they have their reasons. If I was to build a house in Florida I would build it on a raised foundation. My future home is already on a raised foundation but the land is hilly so water will run down the hill the creek would have to crest pretty high to get to my property I'm not saying I'm 100 percent safe but the water level would have to be pretty high to reach my future home. Mountain property is usually safe. 73

  7. I would say, first couple of them were done a great job but I will go with the last one to stay safe…. either from Toronto, Tsunami or any kind of natural disaster.

    An air tight compartment under the ground with an AC connected with some solar panels and an iron shield wall.

    And if its possible i will go 12-14 feet more deeper than his design.

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