What’s going on YouTube!? I’m still out here getting some things ready for the 2021 Deer Season here in South Carolina!!! Since my Summer food plots are doing so well; I decided to put up a brand new deer blind (Sportsman’s Condo SC-2) overlooking the biggest plot.

I start off by giving you guys a quick overview of the blind & the camo window kit. Then we raise the blind and level it. Next we install the step bracket kit, frame/brace the blind and finally, I anchor the blind in place. I am looking forward to sitting in here and overlooking the food plot!!! Stay tuned for more updates…

– BloodSweatAndGears87

#deerseason #sportsmanscondo

Anchor System:

Step Brackets:

What do you think?

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  1. Very fine job my brotha, it aint going any where unless a tree hit it…I have 2 sportmancondo 1, that I put up I camo them before I put up to blind in with the woods, I have some pics and I have a few on youtube. I bought the wind anchor from Mark who make the Condo in Missi, I also have the Camo window tent, but you can buy the Army Camo from ebay are amazon, and cut it and put inside so when you open the window they can't see you inside, just a recommendation. you can cut some holes in it to put the gun thru but it will breakup the outline cause if you open the windows and get down and look you can see in there Deers are very smart so the inside Camo has really help me now they don't see me unless I move to much. I got my first in 2018 here is video of the Camo

    I have another I put more brown and green on the second box..I also have ghillie Camo at the bottom I also put limbs like you did to Camo the bottom, u did very good job I put carpet down and I havent found anything good for the Walls yet…Take care and Good job and good Luck very nice setup….with the Trees but do consider putting the camo inside you can put up with thumb taps. I will do another video and post this fall…BJ Beagles

  2. Very good. Nothing like plenty of good help to make a project go well. Well done setup IMO. Got a suggestion for you. Instead of carpet go to Tractor Supply or similar place and get a piece of stable mat. It is about one inch thick heavy rubber. Cut it to fit. Does not hold water or bugs. You can clean it somewhat. Does not rot and unaffected by weather or temperature. It is heavy but you only got to put it there once. Free idea.

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