Octagon Deer Hunting Blind Build – Part 1

This is a step by step 2-part video of how to build a 6 ‘x 6’ octagon hunting blind for about $800 (as of March, 2020). All materials needed and all measurements are included in the videos. SEE THE END OF PART 2 FOR PLANS!

Click Here to watch Part 2 Video:

Click Here for the Material List:

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  1. First off nice job building this. Im getting ready to build one and just have a question. When you built the floor why not just make it octagon shaped as well? Was it so you can make the legs closer to the outside?

  2. Whoever thumbs down this video is either a hater or just blind. This is and outstanding plan for a permanent blind! I actually taking notes because I would like to build something that is similar in the near future.

  3. Your corner studs

    2 x4 Which is really 1 1/2 x 3 1/2
    So cutting on 22.5 degree angle over 2 inches is not in middle Won’t be same size. Is this ?intentional

  4. I am just starting to build mine, materials are going up in price. Your video is very clear and easy to follow. The hard part will be putting it up in the air. Thanks for the video and dimensions

  5. Awesome videos! Why hold the sheathing down 6 1/2" when a joists (5-1/2") + decking (3/4") equals 6-1/4"? Are you overhanging the bottom that extra 1/4"?

  6. Brett do you make these for sale?? It is like you have OCD and I mean this in a good way. I would like to work for you for about a year or so doing any and all projects to learn from you. You are so meticulous and this is where the Quality just flows from within you. You would be one hell of a home builder or trim carpenter but I am sure you are above that you are probably an engineer of some kind. Many thanks for these three videos concerning the deer blind and I will search out more from you. These videos are truly great.

  7. Looks like a house of card from a structural stand point, especially if there's 3 feet of snow involved!! looks great from a cosmetic stand point! Best of luck and good hunting!!

  8. Great video!! Just finished my blind and everything was spot on. Setting it on post this weekend with the help of some borrowed equipment. Had to re-use window cut outs due to pecan prices/shortage…. thanks a lot Covid-19!!!! But all in all over pleased with how it turned out.

  9. Wow! I just want to say thank you. To be honest, I do not know how I stumbled upon this wonderful video. I have been searching the internet/Youtube for exactly this size and window design. I have seen many designs, but mainly rectangular in shape and primarily with horizontal windows only. I love to use my compound, but my kids all use crossbows for now. So, I need the horizontal windows, but they are so hard to find for DIY deer blinds. Thank you, thank you for taking your hard-earned time, thoughts and experience and sharing it for others to enjoy! You really should consider some sort of donation button or another way to allow thankful viewers to, well …. say thank you!

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