Octagon Deer Hunting Blind Build – Part 2

This is a step by step 2-part video of how to build a 6 ‘x 6’ octagon hunting blind for about $800 (as of March 2020). All materials needed and all measurements are included in the videos. SEE THE END OF PART 2 FOR PLANS!

Click Here for Window Build Video:

Click Here to watch Box Blind Build Part 1:

Click Here for the Material List:

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Hi Brett I'm a recent subscriber to the channel. Great channel I must say. I'm going to be building a couple of these blinds setting on 293 acres. Do you have the drawings in a pdf you can email??

  2. A really nice design and very thoughtful presentation. Thanks for sharing. I design pretty much everything myself, but I may just use your design on this one.

  3. Amazing series! THANK YOU! I have been working with a local carpenter and I am blown away how difficult it has been to discuss/debate/conclude on how to build it. I don't have the skills or space to build them at home. (although your video gives me confidence i could do it – your hours estimate might need to be x2 but you made it seem easy). Thank you… will absolutely be sharing this and telling them.. DO THAT! Love your OCD… knowing the carpenter i hired will not follow your hints and my doors will squeak. ha! GREAT JOB! GREAT VIDEO! You should do this for a living!!! Excellent craftmanship is hard to come by these days!

  4. Very well detailed plans. Only thing I'm going to change is I'm going to extend the side frame members(also go to 2×8 framing) to 10' and add a 4' landing. Making it easier to access the door. Otherwise a great stand. I also bought a Krig Jig and on the wall studs installed pocket screws on the bottom. Really helped for stiffening up the walls.

  5. Great 2 part video you made. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us DIY guys. Will be slowly building my 8×10 octagon in the garage off how ypu did yours. Taking a few ideas from you. Thanks man cant wait to get it done to hunt with the family.

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