Octagon Deer Hunting Blind Tour – Elevated and Ready to Hunt!

Here’s a tour of my (DIY) 6′ x 6′ octagon deer hunting hunting blind now that it’s elevated on posts, anchored down with cables and has the ladder platform installed. See Links Below!

Window Build:

Part 1 of Complete Blind Build:

Part 2 of Complete Blind Build:

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Awesome job with this build. As you mentioned in your other video, the cold is getting to be too much so looking to build a much nicer setup for my dad and/or 2 daughters to join me someday. I did watch your video on how to make the windows (thanks for that as well). How big are your horizontal windows on this octagon blind build? Thanks in advance!

  2. How much would you estimate this blind weighs? I'm thinking of building this blind and wondering if my 40hp midsize tractor would be able to pick it up.

  3. I’m going to build mine slightly larger. A 2’ small wall instead did your 1’. Total dimensions comes out to around a 6’10” square platform if my math is correct. I’ll have mine with 6’ high walls and a modified roof design.

    The biggest reason I have to modify your design is I have to build/paint the blind in stages and assemble the whole thing at another location. It’s going on a trailer runner, so it will be movable, but my shop is about 10 miles from where the runners are. So I’ll build the whole blind first, mock it up together, make sure everything fits and is painted together. Then I’ll number the walls, take it apart leaving each wall a single section and the floor and roof each one section, and transport to location. Then I’ll have to level the runner, build the leg frames onto the runner and support them, add the floor, then each wall individually, then top it off with the roof. Then I’ll ladder up securing the roof, and running caulk in all the cracks.

    I’m planning to have the floor roughly 6-7’ from ground level, making a total of 12-13’ to the top of the roof on one side and 14-15’ to the apex of the roof. I’ll also have shingles on the roof, foam insert in between the carpet and the floor, and im going to use spray window tint on the plexiglass windows so I can see out but animals can’t see in. The other substantial modification is I’ll have a very small lending the size of the door sticking out from the door, and I’ll have a set of stairs attached along the legs of the blind leading up to the landing. My dad can’t climb a ladder anymore so if I want him to hunt with me or him to be able to use this I’ll have to make it accessible

  4. Love it. I like how your windows fold down not up, seems less movement where the deer could see you. I'm going to try and build one just like this. Only change is I'm going to add a supported 2×4 running on the outside of the windows for a gun rest. I have a .308 with bipods. Little heavy to free hand, at least for me.

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