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  1. All veterans should speak up against this. The man who take high risk in battlefield for us and came back to his own home , treated like less than human, no way its acceptable. I am not even an America, by blood start boiling.

  2. Instead of being concerned being filmed, the Officer could be doing more productive…I take it this officer has EVER heard of “COLD CASE FILES”! His priorities are SCREWED-UP, therefore he’s wasting taxpayers money!

  3. I might die in these streets one day because trust me I don't care what position u think u have or what power but trust me u harass me like that when I'm coming to enquire about help I'm in right to receive then we fist fighting, u r going to have to shoot me

  4. Laws are the fine line ( letter of the law ) between right and wrong. These people don't help the man, they injure and arrest. These are the type of people that won't hold a door for a wheel chair much less a lady. The distance between what's right and wrong is astronomical,…where a blindfold for a day, no cheating, see what life is like….then treat the disabled with respect. Bad people.

  5. This demonstrates that people with a disability are at a disadvantage with cops. I have never seen a higher degree of criminal acts against this individual by security or cops. Apparently, none of these people have had a person who is disabled in their family. I don't think that they would allow a member of their family to be treated this way. There are times that people who do this to disabled people become totally irrelevant and unimportant to society as a whole.

  6. If they listened to him at any point they would have heard that he had a legitimate reason but they were so busy bullying him into submission that they refused all reason.

  7. They bullied this man because he was visually impaired. Deprived him of his ability to know who he was speaking to and depriving him of the ability to file a complaint against the bully who taunted him. This should be criminalized and prosecuted as absolutely discriminatory on all parties involved especially the officers involved.

  8. OMG, but these people are disgusting excuses for humanity. When someone has serious sight issues doesn’t it make sense to just help? Unfortunately these dipsticks, especially the security idiots, are a great example of what’s wrong with society. The poor bloke tries to obtain the relevant information of some lazy security guard that doesn’t want to give out his name, whilst his equally unprofessional colleagues help him and refuse to help Mr. Nelson.
    What on earth happened in America that people behave this way and are happy to treat each other so poorly? Is there something in the water or has America lost whatever was left of its sanity after the 60’s ?
    One can only hope that Mrs. Leslie and her ilk face the same distress and injury they inflicted upon the original veteran. Yes, I’m actually hoping they suffer just as much as they were fully aware of their surroundings and chose to act like complete dipsticks.

  9. That had to be the most arrogant ignorant office he did not follow the law but as he said I sad law. Would not identify and then in front of his supervisor he stated he will identify still would not and his superior office did not correct him and seen he was following department policy no wonder you have officers like this their is no accountability for their actions which was proved her. How can this gentlemen make a complaint when he couldn’t get the officers name. The interaction was unprofessional and aggressive from the beginning and then access force.

  10. Worrying, im aware a group of students and technicians are working on a device that works akin to a mobile phone and sonar type responses, so effectively this action would be blinding people if this device was introduced

  11. I didn't know that police stations closed down I thought sumone was always on duty I guess I was dead wrong but I know I'm right about not closing but he's lying to a blind man and even tho he's blind he knows betta than to listen to dude bullshit

  12. We sure do need security and police – however we need auditors such as this to reign in out of control tyrant officers – expose them and either retrain or terminate them.

  13. His point and mine! He was not videoing records! And the record are what’s to be secure! Not the people so I do you not agree with your analogy of Mr. Nelson!

  14. Kindly disagree with you Audit the Audit as a “ reasonable expectation of privacy” would be him intentionally pointing his camera at other people’s documents and recording specific conversations inside a private room which is not the case here. If that was the case then I ask: “ can I sue any business that has security cameras under the opinion they violate my reasonable expectation of privacy”? Just a thought

  15. It is so unfortunate that the officers in this video have qualified immunity I'm betting the lawsuit on this one's going to be massive and unfortunately the taxpayers were going to pick up the bill for their crimes

  16. Why are there people in this world looking to start a problem when there is no issue whatsoever. If i was a patient there I wouldn't want anyone to be recording either

  17. What a joke, the caption says blind veteran. It made it sound like he’s completely blind, so ridiculous. Typical baiting and because the guy once served we should bow down and kiss his ass? He’s loitering, causing a disturbance recording people who are there for medical reasons. These assholes are trying to educate people on the laws, recording women, children, sick, patients, people who don’t want to be filmed by a creepy guy with a camera sitting there feet away. Yes, there are security cameras all over, but those cameras aren’t uploading the recording to YouTube, these asses are.

  18. I can't answer your question because I don't know the ACTUAL LAW, but clearly YOU DO. That being the case we can't be wrong or back down so have to keep going. Wait so a security company can arrest people?!!

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