Omega Reclaimed | Mass Effect Legendary Edition | Blind Playthrough | (EP. 76)

It’s time to make our final push into Omega and take it back from Creberus. General Petrovsky is holding up in the Afterlife nightclub and the fiercest fighting is yet to come. Our blind playthrough of Mass Effect Legendary Edition continues. Who will be in charge here after the dust settles, Aria T’Loak or Nyreen Kandros?

00:00 Intro
00:28 Central Column
11:18 Talon Checkpoint
28:26 Afterlife
42:05 Normandy
50:04 Liara

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  1. This "neutral" playthrough of Omega was the same way I had when I first played it. It's cool to see how events play out at the end of this mission when you go full paragon or full renegade.

  2. I really enjoy when sequels revisit specific locations from previous installments such as from 24:07 and on – we've passed through this area during Mordin's recruitment mission back in ME2.

  3. Another fun fact here. Aria's behavior and dialogue with Petrovsky and Shepard depends on wchich dialogue options you were using during all of the dlc conversations. If you are paragon, she willingly let's Petrovsky go and tells her men to throw Cerberus off the station, neutral is baffling her because you didn't take clear stance, and Renegade she insists on killing the general and wants to hunt down everyone from Cerberus on Omega, being it soldiers or civilian personel (not 100% sure about the second one).

  4. I don't think I've ever seen anyone find Aria's couch without first being told where to look. Congratulations – there should be an achievement for that!

  5. Yeah I had real fun on Insanity here. And the Adjutants can see Infiltrators Tactical Cloak so that didn't help.

    So now you see why I specifically said Samara can step on me and Aria can choke me 😉

    Tidbit, had you been strictly Paragon, Aria would've let him live on her own. Since you were mostly Renegade, she wanted to kill him. If you let her, she would have kissed you. Also funny, she kisses FemShep more..enjoyably, and BroShep she looks like ugh I never wanna do that again.

    Picking 'Let Liara decide' is sweet. She has unique dialogue depending on your Pre-Service history, Psych Profile and Class.

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