ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I'VE PLAYED! | Ending | Lamplight City (BLIND) #41

Welcome to my blind let’s play playthrough of Lamplight City by Grundislav Games! The game takes place within an alternate history version of 19th century America that incorporates steampunk elements, in which players take control of a private detective who tackles a series of cases. Although operating like a standard point-and-click adventure game, players have no inventory and can decide how to acquire information and how a case is solved, with the game’s overall ending affected by the choices made.

In this episode, we head back into the Back Room and speak to Ruby about Lily’s Possessions! She gives us a box which contains her things, including a letter from Detective Barrett about Lily’s Sister’s death! There’s also 3 buttons on the front of the box which we can push, so we use the Combination we found on the Rolled Up Paper and a secret compartment opens! Inside are blood covered letters from the Justice Killer to Lily. The killer is Lily’s Nephew! Next we head to the Rouen Coffee House and talk to the lady there again who admits her partner had been abusive too! So we go to Snelling and ask for more information on Lily’s sister’s death! He asks us questions about the year, the detective involved and the cause of death, before pulling out a Police Report that matches the info. We have a surname for the Jutice Killer and it’s Collins! We decide to head back to Upton’s and investigate some more in the morning, but we’re woken up by a sudden noise during the night, it seems the Justice Killer has found us first. So do we get the good ending, or the bad ending?

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  1. Incredible work with this game, for sure. All the cases ending up working together for the inevitable end was so clever. Really enjoyed seeing this series and am definitely excited to see you play some more games like it. Definitely a fantastic adventure game. Well played.

  2. This was such a satisfying ending for such a satisfying game. I'm guessing there was also a bad ending if you made too many certain wrong choices, like maybe the Justice Killer killing Miles with no one intervening. I'm happy all is right again with Addy. I really appreciate you playing this game I never would have thought existed if you hadn't done it 🙌

  3. Wow, this game was amazing! The ending came a bit fast but that was so fun! And I kind of like that they leave it open if Bill was ever actually a real ghost or just Miles's way of dealing with his death, that was a very neat touch. And now I have to read up on if there are different endings 👀
    Such a cool game to show off, Turian, so well done!

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