Ori and the Blind Forest – One Life Mode 100% Glitchless with Prologue in 2:44:00

My first successful run in One-Life mode.

For those trying to run One-Life themselves, I’ve added some notes about what I’ve learned.

General Notes
1) Yes, I know you can skip the prologue, as well as skip dialogue by disabling the interface. I happen to enjoy the story as I play through the game.
2) This game does not stop the “timer” during the prologue and cutscenes, so it’s difficult to compare the time to other runs that skip them. Easy enough to calculate it though.
3) You can technically see the “Unhinged” achievement popup at 2:46:00 but it’s cutoff due to the resolution of my screen.

General Techniques for One-Life
1) Everyone dies at different points. A good strategy is to play normal mode and write down all the places you died, then formulate a strategy for each one and repeat.
2) Ori has incredible horizonital control in the air but is difficult to get height vertically (e.g. using double jumps). When bashing, a good strategy is to bash straight up to ensure you get enough height, then use air control to drift to your location.
3) Stomp is a fantastic combat ability. It’s free, it deals a lot of damage, it stuns enemies and causes knock-back. Combined with Charge Flame, you can clear entire rooms in a couple seconds. If your goal is to collect spirit light from downed enemies, keep this in mind.
4) Memorize every instant-death hazard and formulate specific plans for each one.

See pinned comment for specific things I learned in this run. It’s too big to fit in the description

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Specific things I learned during this run


    11:10 – This can be done consistently if all spirit light is collected up to this point

    11:14 – When collecting spirit light, imagine the radial zone around you and watch the timing of spirit light falling. If done right, you don't need to get that close for the spirit light to magnetize toward you and it will follow you forever.

    11:42 – These purple blobs include the flat puddle around them which stays around a second after it pops. It's possible to destroy it and still take collision damage afterward if you're too fast.

    16:43 – I got hit here A LOT in previous runs. It may be safer to take out this enemy from a distance.

    18:45 – I found this technique more consistent than bouncing between walls. One projectile is easier to keep track of than two.

    22:22 – There's a spike pit below this jump. Watch the enemy for a safe place to land.

    22:35 – This spike pit is one of the most dangerous places in the game. Practice these jumps until you can do them in your sleep.

    23:09 – These two spiders are NASTY. The second one is situated over a death pit, so practice dodging their projectiles. I got lucky this time with spirit light but it's not always consistent.

    23:52 – Aim for the ledge. The lasers are not consistently timed for continuous jumps.

    24:11 – Watch this enemy. Its projectiles can knock you into the pit below.

    26:26 – Speed is favored over avoiding the spikes. One causes damage, the other causes instant death.

    26:32 – Watch this ledge. It keeps you safe from dashing into the thorns, plus you can dash from the top to perfectly clear them.

    28:58 – Charge Flame will always one-shot this enemy, even when it's not leveled up

    29:03 – Stay well above the ground here. The small enemies have an impressive jump range

    30:00 – The spikes here are instant death! One wrong move and the spider's projectile can knock you out of your jump ark. Be extra carefuly here!

    31:10 – When dropping down here, it's very easy to grab the ledge which will magnetize you to the right and into the spikes. Keep an inch between you and the wall.

    33:04 – The right worm can easily kill the left one here. If that happens, come back for the spirit light later.

    33:38 – This worm is finicky. I still haven't worked out a great strategy here.

    34:03 – Dash ONCE. Any more and you're liable to stick to the wall which can delay your descent and/or throw off your timing.

    34:48 – As you can see, dashing here is bad. I was just demonstrating what not to do. (Yeah, let's go with that)

    35:45 – Patience! It's tempting to try falling quickly but it's not worth it.

    37:24 – Prefer the right side. The left is very slippery.

    40:10 – This jump is VERY tricky. It may be worth waiting to get this until you have more health and abilities.

    43:56 – It's safer to jump between the walls rather than mantle onto the ground. Makes it easier to time the gaps.

    46:17 – Worms will tend to retreat if you get too close. Use this to your advantage.

    48:21 – Jump early here. It's very easy to overshoot the ledge.

    50:40 – Teleports do NOT work like portals in that they do NOT preserve your momentum. This makes it feel like there's a delay between vertical teleports. Keep this in mind when timing this jump.

    54:40 – Charge Flame is very effective at taking out the enemies before the projectile reaches them.

    56:35 – Do NOT double jump here if you're grabbing the spirit light. There's no time if you're going for consistency.

    56:59 – Use this enemy quickly. It can go beyond the ledge before you have a chance to use it.

    1:03:50 – Do NOT double jump here. You WILL hit the bramble.

    1:04:15 – There's a specific angle that works best here. Too high and you can't reach the projectile, too low and you can't bash high enough.

    1:05:30 – I meant to go to the right here. You'll see I have to go back here later in the run.

    1:05:58 – Ducking here is safer than racing the laser.

    1:12:45 – Bash to the side. Straight up will blast you into the bramble.

    1:17:00 – Careful here. The enemies are thick. It may be worth investing in combat points specifically to help in this area.

    1:19:50 – IT'S A TRAP! It looks like you should drop down here, but it's nothing but a spike pit. Remember this.

    1:21:07 – Bashing will teleport you do the projectile's location. Do NOT bash off the projectile here if it's still touching spikes, even if your character isn't.

    1:25:14 – It's safer to bash this enemy than lure it. It's easier to keep your distance.

    1:26:14 – I go below here for a reason – I dash over it during the Kuro section later so I need to fill in this part of the map now.

    1:30:42 – Wait for the laser to go LEFT before dropping down, and go RIGHT before dropping to the left.

    1:32:50 – One of the most dangerous places in the game. Take your time and PRACTICE in normal mode until you're consistent.

    1:35:57 – Drawing the projectile toward you by clinging to the wall was too inconsistent for me. I use bash now instead.

    1:36:00 – I died too many times from not being fast enough here. I don't have air dash yet so I drop to the ground instead. There's no spikes here so it's safe.

    1:42:32 – Get plenty of height on the right. The rocks on the left can be sparse.

    1:45:39 – Don't drop down too quickly. The tumbleweed can push you to the side causing the map to not be filled in.

    1:50:46 – WATCH THE LASER! You can't see it at the bottom of the pit, so stay to the right as you fall.

    1:51:00 – Only dash TWICE. You'll get stuck at the end if you dash more.

    1:54:10 – There's an enemy in the shadows. Charge up your attack ahead of time.

    1:54:44 – The trick here is the stand on the ledge and not fire at maximum distance.

    1:55:38 – This is why I wait to come here until I have Charge Jump. The enemies here are dangerous and hard to hit with Light Burst.

    2:00:38 – Wind recharges your dash. Not unique to this location but I just remembered about it.

    2:01:22 – I go underneath to fill in the map.

    2:10:00 – Again, I meant to get this at 1:05:30.

    2:18:15 – Bias the right

    2:22:23 – Returning to the teleport is faster than dropping back down. Just watch your trajectories!

    2:23:47 – When enemies collide.

    2:24:23 – I've never successfully avoided this laser

    2:24:44 – Cool trick, yo. I can't be the first person to do this, but nevertheless I discovered it by accident when failing to bash the enemy.

    2:29:07 – This was the most consistent and safest technique I had for this part. Touching the side is instant death so I overcompensated with a charge jump.

    2:29:14 – Save your dash for the end. Jumps alone are slow enough to be risky.

    2:33:35 – AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! That is all.

    2:40:03 – Dash up the fill in the map (the trigger doesn't touch the floor)

    2:41:39 – Safer to go under the laser. I was never consistent when going over.

    2:44:03 – Wait for the camera to pan down. Death is easy when you can't see your character.

    2:44:38 – This was the toughest part for me in this final gauntlet. Prefer jumping over dashing as there isn't much room the land and recharge.

  2. You know, there are other YouTuber’s out there who’ve done this. They’ve speedrun’ed, glitched, played without music, wouldn’t shut up and stop talking for a hot second just to enjoy the game…

    You did it the exact same way I want to play it. You appreciated it, even the cutscenes… You took your time in areas, and you played flawlessly. Took a couple unnecessary hits in the beginning, but you carried on with stride and brilliancy. Great job man


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