Paper Mario BLIND! – General Guy! | PART 30! |

Welcome to The Weird and Wacky World of Paper Mario, The World of Mario… But made of Paper… and it’s an RPG Game! This time around Paper Bowser steals a Powerful Magical Wand know as the Star Rod, and steals Peach’s Castle with her in it and casts us out the window, it’s up to us and our companions along the way to Find the Star Spirits, Stop Bowser, Rescue Peach, and Save The World.

I make bad jokes about putting shy guys in gas chambers.

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  1. In fact, you should have realized the power of Watt because she is the only partner with inborn buff, which is electricity-resistance. I once saw a guy combat this general with Goombario, and he never got the chance to attack after first electric shock, which was kinda fun to see.

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