Paranormal: Abandoned House On Blind Bay Road Part 3

This Is The 3rd Part Of A continuing Series into This Abandoned Property
#haunted #paranormal

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Intent: The terrifying truth…Seeing all the things you guys find and get into I thought maybe this would be one that would shake things up a bit. Have fun out there, stay warm and stay safe. Love and hugs from Pennsylvania. Always enjoy your videos 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Jason and Larina, I really enjoyed watching the third installment of The Blind Bay Road Haunting. You know I'm always up for spooky stuff. I prefer Randonauting, but Paranormal stuff runs a close second! Can't wait for the next!!!

  3. What's up Jason & Larina ? I do hope All is Good . I'm hanging in there took Moms out shopping for Christmas today she is in a wheelchair now ain't so easy anymore it's kinda funny I'm the Black sheep of the family and Proud of it guess who is taking care of business ? I know Jason is All bout taking care of his Moms to hence why I brought it up . May I suggest an intention ? How about small town secret . Thanks your boy from Boston . 🙏

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