Parasite Eve (PS1) | Blind Retro Playthrough! – Part 2

For the 15th Blind Retro Playthrough, it was voted for Pudge007 to Parasite Eve on the PS1! This will be a Parasite Eve blind playthrough by Pudge007, so be sure no spoilers or backseating, please! If you’re a fan of Parasite Eve or a fan of classic retro games in general, then this Parasite Eve live stream is for you!

The Blind Retro Playthrough series game selection is decided by you, the fans! It is chosen by Pudge007 having the subscribers vote on 10 retro games that he has never played. Then, the Top 4 choices are voted on by channel members. Thanks to everyone who voted!

#ParasiteEve #PS1 #BlindRetroPlaythrough
Pudge007 is an interactive video game live streamer specializing in the Metal Gear Solid series. He also broadcasts gameplay of walkthroughs and blind playthroughs of other classics (i.e. Resident Evil, Mega Man) as well as new releases!
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