Phil Robertson Will Kick You Out for One Reason | Duck Call Room #110

Uncle Si is not impressed when Phil finally addresses why Phillip McMillan was never invited back to the duck blind. Phil takes on cancel culture with his trusty Bible in hand. Si recalls the 125-pound raccoon he saw. Phil drools over Stone’s duck fingers. Martin and Phil are excited for homemade mayhaw jelly. Phil is in a war against flying squirrels … in his living room. And the boys ask fans to pray for their friend, Travis “T-Bone” Turner, who was diagnosed with cancer. Phil Robertson’s new book, “Uncanceled,” is available now:

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About Duck Call Room:

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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  1. I love you guys always have but why do you guys still say stuff like “the three guys upstairs”. Please look into there is only One, not three doing one thing but One doing three things.

  2. I'm a big fan of Phil Robertson spreading gospel. Too bad the show was canceled. Would have been awesome to make it an hour long and 15 minutes at the end with Phil spreading the word of God.

  3. Man the only thing I’m mad about is that I’m barley hearing about this now. Big BIG fan here from California. Wussup Si .. my birthday is on the 16th send me a pitcher of some of that ice tea you sip on all the time big dog . Shoot I’ll drive down there personally and down a cup with you. What’s up Phill 👎👍👍.. hahaha be safe guys .. glad to see you guys looking healthy✌️

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  5. Tem a ver com os gays f********** não tem nada a ver com essas porras desses tá usando o nome dos rins e acusando em nome dos gays que ela p*** me usa para o que que eu tenho a ver com as porras desses usando o nome dos gay

  6. Sabe com essa história que ela v****** transando minha imagem meu nome para casado conhece a história você sabe que ela tá ela só destrói tem meses e meses que ela destrói governo tá dando nada com a v****** destrói todos vocês tem conhecido tomado conhecimento a boca destrói ela só destrói

  7. The best Duck Call Room every. I didn’t know the man who led Phil to the Lord was a man named Bill Smith. My daddy’s name was Bill Smith too. He was a WWII vet. Came home with 2 Purple Hearts. He served the Lord his entire life.

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