Plague Perk Episode: Love is Blind

Time Stamps:
0:00- 5:25 Announcements
5:25-15:18 Cameron and Lauren
15:18-22:41 Amber and Barnett
22:41-28:30 Kenny and Kelly
28:30-33:50 Diamond and Carlton
33:50-39:00 Gianina Damien
39:00-47:30 Jessica and Mark
47:30-58:40 General Show Notes
58:40-End Fun Stuff

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Which “Love Is Blind” Character Is Actually Your Soulmate?:
-Kaeden and I got GG

Jessica, Barnett, Or Mark? Which “Love Is Blind” Contestant Are You:
-Kaeden got mark, no surprise.

-I got Lauren

Everyone’s Personality Matches A “Love Is Blind” Couple — Which One Are You?:
-Kaeden got Mark and Jessica, off

-I got Amber and Barnett

Plan The Perfect Date And We’ll Tell You Which “Love Is Blind” Couple Matches You And Your Bae’s Relationship:
-Kaeden and I got Cameron and Lauren!!

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