Planning a Duck Hunting Trip | Canada Day 1

Check out the newest episode of Northern Flight every Monday right here: On this weeks episode the guys are planning for their annual duck hunting trip to Canada. Mother Nature had other plans and the crew tries to beat a blizzard to get to their destination.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Canada means weather dictates everything…from drought, snow, rain , mud, lack of migration. Americans who think all you have to do is come to Canada and limit out have never hunted here.

  2. Awesome trip…what grind..we head to Alberta 1 Nov cant wait. Save yourself sometime and headache and buy your licenses on line..the canada federal stamp also sold online…you can print both…this will be our 5th year now. Saved us a huge headache driving out of our way to buy them in stores. Anyways great vid…keep em coming!!!!

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