Quick,Easy, and Cheap, portable deer blind.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I get your idea but I'm hunting on public land and I'm not going to carry that with the rest of my gear…I bought cheap camo netting from Walmart…and folded the netting on the corners and 2 in the center to form sleaves stapled it and run cheap tent poles to hold it up works just fine and if I take the poles apart and fold the netting it will all fit in my backpack

  2. Any REAL hunter should own one of these too… just saying its a good idea to have multiple blinds in different spots. And having a relative or friend inside while hunting in another.

  3. Very good! Another option would tie cord to all three and drape limbs and brush over cord if you did not have burlap… Very good… Priced a deer blind the other day and they wanted $170 bucks for a portable deer blind… Defiantly good for poor people like me… Than you…just wondering how my bow will do with it

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