Recital – Omori (Blind Playthrough) (Switch) – Part 36 – ENDING

My First playthrough of Omori
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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and i played the game myself along side you. Omori introduced me to your channel and i will be sure to watch more of your content. See you soon Roamer!! (also known as Calvin)

  2. The final duet is the only media that i can rewatch and still cry my eyes out and is also just is one of the only games to make me cry as hard as i did when i first watched it and im glad you got to play this <3

  3. Roamer let me say this: Your play throughs are amazing and always put me in a good mood! I'm sure it's true for a lot more people as well.

    To keep it short: You do you! I love that you stick to your own interests and choices, so ignore all the screaming children telling you otherwise lol, keep it up, cause you're a lovely person 🙂

  4. "Do I have to fight him?… This is Undertale rotting my brain!" The classic example of Undertale convincing people into thinking they're going to get some kind of bad ending.

  5. I’ve a theory about the ending… and I honestly don’t like it, I wish someone’d tell me it’s impossible, so don’t read on if you don’t want this to turn even darker. It came to my mind yesterday, and it’s just not going away. It makes way too much sense. >_> Simply put: Mari was alive when they hanged her. Most likely she was simply unconscious, possibly paralyzed. This is partly based on the descriptions of the truth photos, found in the game files, where at one point Omori says that Mari looks like she is sleeping – and then in the last photo, her eye is open. It also shocks the boys greatly. At the very least, I’d say that the description of the last photo makes it clear the boys think she was alive.

    Like I said, I don’t like this, but it makes sense. For one thing, someone should have noticed Mari didn’t die from hanging. It’s impossible that this lie would have been bought, if that wasn’t her real cause of death. For another thing, this explains why Basil keeps on asking Wander to forgive him throughout the game, and why Wander at times feels so antagonistic toward him. I mean, the hanging was Basil’s idea.

    Moreover, the kids are 12. It’s not always that simple to determine whether someone unconscious is alive or not. I’ve myself (as an adult) been in a situation where I was trying to check someone’s vitals, and I couldn’t determine whether she was breathing or not. (She was.) A panicking 12-year-old kid… would easily make a mistake.

    Ok, that’s was a bunch of dark stuff, but now that I wrote it down, maybe I’ll stop thinking about it. >_> This is truly such an incredible game, and this was a wonderful playthrough to follow. 💜

  6. "Thanks for playing? Thanks for ripping out my heart!"

    So glad you enjoyed this game so much, it's truly one of the best experiences out there. Your lets play series has been a lot of fun to watch, it's been a nice way to relax in the evenings after I get home from work and it's really interesting to hear all of your insights and observations. I'll be sticking around in your community for sure! Good luck recovering from Omori, the ending's a lot to take in, lol. Good luck with whatever you do next!

  7. i found your channel when you were at part 19 and i watched your whole gameplay for days and now here we are. its been amazing.. one of the best omori gameplays ive seen. ty so much dude

  8. You wanna know something great? That scene after the credits, where sunny and basil both let go of their trauma, is actually a secret ending! You get it by watering the flowers on every possible day. Good job!

  9. Thank you so much Calvin. This game can hit a bit hard some times for me but the way you talk about everything is really freaking awesome. I’m glad you enjoyed this game even though it’s very hard. Take care dude 🙂

  10. About the other route, which is commonly called the Hikikomori route, it's different enough that I do think it's worth it, however you do have to repeat certain segments of the game to get to the new content. The other thing about it is that there's a bunch of bonus content for the switch edition of the Hikikomori route which would be cool to see. At the end of the day it's entirely up to you if you'd like to play it or not though.

  11. To answer your question about what happened to Sunny's eye, Basil's sprite during his fight was holding a pair of garden sheers, but it was covered by the text box most of the time

  12. "We all have that voice that says 'we did this wrong' or 'we did that wrong'."

    If you're referring to an internal monologue, then that's actually not true. I've heard that 30%-50% of people have a frequent internal monologue while the rest have it less frequently or not at all. It's not like those without an internal monologue lack anything those with an internal monologue may have, they simply process info differently (tho I'm not one to say how since I'm not one of them nor have I interviewed them). Those with an internal monologue may criticize themselves with said voice (or be criticized by that voice) while those without it may do so differently (like visually by remembering a shameful scene play out or some other way). This internal voice supposedly differs between those with it too (e.g. some hear the voice refer to them in the first person while others may hear it in the 2nd/3rd person).

    That being said, what I find truly interesting is how the voice's tone is sometimes heard as their own voice despite how it technically has no audible tone. it's been interesting noting the different aspects of my internal monologue, but the more relevant aspect is how it criticizes me the way Omori criticizes Wander. I will note that people's inner monologue differs from each other, but an inner monologue which criticizes the person is common among people with depression and other mental health issues (of varying degrees of severity). I can't say I understand how it works in the mind of a madman (since they're mad, making clear and effective communication likely impossible), but I do understand how one can come to believe what one's inner monologue states regardless of how true its statements are (since an inner monologue for me is like my own thoughts, so it's not like some thought from the void comes to make me feel bad, the thoughts likely spawn from some part of my feelings. If I'm ever criticizing myself, I try to recall that these thoughts are my own thoughts, so it's better to accept that some part of me genuinely believes it to be at least a possible truth rather than trying to deny the validity of the thought simply because it's negatively impacting me (not to say that its claims are true, merely that I should accept the emotions tied to it are truly what some part of me feels deep inside). I'm not gonna say this solves the issue, but this does give me a good place to start (since accepting that there is a problem is the first step to fixing it; denying the problem's existence does nothing). That's what I like about Wander fighting Omori rather than him running from Omori; it's what I like about Wander breaking the black light bulb (which represents a repressed thought, something you're trying to ignore).

  13. Good playthrough I've watched a few playthroughs and even one hundred precedent it but you commentary has been really enjoyable and i empathize with most you points. to anyone who is reading this have a good week and beyond

  14. If you're wondering what happened to Wander's eye,
    Basil and Wander were stabbing each other in the real world in the final fight with Basil. Basil stabbed Wander's eye out.

  15. Ahh~ That ending with the recital then Wander giving Omori a hug until he vanishes. I don't know why but it reminds me of the shadow accepting scenes of Persona 4 (huh. Could totally see Omori taking place in the Persona world setting actually. That would help explain some of the borderline 'magic' ways Wander seems to know stuff he shouldn't like sensing when Basil was going to kill himself and interrupting that, and somehow knowing which exact hospital room Basil was in without asking any nurses or anything..).

    Anyway full agreement regarding trusting the friends; it'll be very hard to hear and work through but given Aubrey's near accidental drowning of Basil just the day prior, they're primed to understand just how easy it is for a single accidental shove to make everything go wrong more than any other time they could be so. Overall optimistic~
    Still even if they aren't forgive at least now Wander and Basil have been freed from that secret's weight and can actually IDK reconnect if they want to, oh and now Kel, Aubrey and Hero will no longer have that looming 'was it something I did/didn't do that made Mari..?' question hanging over their heads. Those things all by themselves are pretty great improvements all by themselves so… Yay? <3

    Personally… I wouldn't recommend the other Omori routes too much; most are bad endings which, well, they're good for looking up to get a better idea of what's going on in Wander's head, where Basil's headspace is without Wander in general, and one shockingly good music number that is darkly hilarious/horrible where it plays (so many memes spawned as a result) etc but well. The route you got is definitely like the Pacifist route for Undertale so if you do go back to play say, the Hikkomori route for way more Headspace battles and exploration stuff just be aware it'll be like going back to a neutral route afterwards… Fun for the changes perhaps but comparatively little closure at the end.

    (Also this is a complete sidenote but I've been sitting on this watching your entire playthrough and now that it's done: Sunny the default name for the protag will still always be my fav because of the layered meaning of the quote on Mari's grave "The Sun shined brighter when she was here". cue sobs
    That said Wander to fit the kid's mental wanderings was pretty damn close to it though and I'm kind of legit impressed that by sheer chance your default character naming was fitting enough that I didn't feel 'wrong' using it while typing here? I can't even go non-default names in Pokemon half the time so that's more wow than it might seem~ XD)

    Anyway this comment's getting way too long so… Thank you Calvin for these vids. While I can't say you've pushed away anything near as serious as say this game's topics for me, your vids are bright and cheery and have definitely made some worse days much better than they otherwise would have been since I found them, so yeah. Thank you! Both for the cheer and just, having fun with good games. Take care and looking forward to whatever it is you do next~ <3

    (…Though for cheer, have you ever played a game called Wandersong? If not I have to recommend it, if only because the name 'Wander' is currently on topic and every time I think about that game I get the warm fuzzies so yeah. Compulsion satisfied now, apologies for that XD)

  16. i'm not completely sure how I feel about this game, it's a lot to process. In some parts I think the game spun its own wheels a little too much, but the friend group was such a standout. They are all so memorable and loveable, my heart broke for all of them and I just want them to be happy and safe and loved. It's special when a game can make you really sit in your own emotions.

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