Robbing a Clan BLIND (They Left Their Doors Open) – V Rising

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Awaken as a weakened vampire after centuries of slumber. Hunt for blood to regain your strength while hiding from the scorching sun to survive. Rebuild your castle and convert humans into your loyal servants in a quest to raise your vampire empire. Make allies or enemies online or play solo locally, fend off holy soldiers, and wage war in a world of conflict.Will you become the next Dracula?

My first real playthrough after my first impressions, my goal was to learn the early game and develop an efficient strategy for powering through it. Instead, in my usual way, I’d stumble into quite a bit of free loot.

00:00 – Early Shenanigans
01:48 – Sponsor
03:27 – The HEIST
06:51 – Vanita the Menace
09:00 – Embracing My Inner Rat
12:26 – Expansion and Scheming
19:06 – Making Things Right
20:54 – A Terrible Revelation

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. That base though reminds me of the last base you built the Labyrinth only for the Admirals to the leave the server 🤣 well least you know now time to remake it in here

  2. I can't wait to see the strategies you come up with for base design. as a long time rust player, my strategy is literally "build a 2×2, play til i get raided, gg" lmao

  3. So Vanita is a bugged servant – they've fixed the bug now but for a couple days she was actually a god, not only was she a god who's capable of soloing the whole server, but she could also open the doors on any base.

  4. Maaaan, it was super nice of you to return that guys stuff, but his comment about almost quitting the game because of it makes me think he’s going to lose it soon anyways…not everyone is cut out for raid based PvP games…

  5. Hey theres a new pvp server called resurrection classic pvp i feel like you should try it out it benefits your play style and its active 24/7 i feel like you guys should give it a try

  6. This dude sits on his moral highhorse to expose funcom for being a greedy corperate shit show only to dismount said moral high horse to get that Raid Shadow legends bag… Just like funcom, I guess Cronks moral compass struggles to point north in the presence of money…

  7. From my first playthrough I think having some Lightbringers, Paladins, and Clerics in the base would make it much harder to raid. Big tanky guys, hard to hit little casters, and healers. But things like the chaos bolt are just so strong, especially if you have good scholar blood. You can trivialise the whole game with 100 scholar blood and chaos bolt/purgatory.

  8. Super hyped to see you enjoying a game for a change! I do wonder what happened on that last Conan playthrough–I get the impression you have more footage from it stored and just haven't edited it into a good story yet–but I also reckon you're going to want to focus on V Rising content for a while, at least while it's still fresh and at its most exciting, and I'm happy as long as you're making these stories.

    Also, good job on the sponsor, but Patreon when?

  9. The server I played on only let you damage stone walls after you started a raid, which only works if you summon the golem. After that you can smack walls or use explosives but not before (unless the castle is decaying). Dunno if that's vanilla.

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