Sagittarius, The Power of Blind Faith. March 16-31 General Reading

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. When you stay in a small town , you have to deal with people that will do anything to remake their history. I am not safe in my hometown and l am too poor to fight their group with the tools they use on me. The last two days l 've been ripped off even when l was home. I never wanted to do this stupid computer game because so few people are on my side. l am so alone and broke that l can't afford presants for Easter. No matter how many times l tell my truth the other group tell me that red is blue. Thanks!

  2. Thank you. You know since 2012 it has been shit with people saying it is going to get better. I am still waiting. I’ve lost everything so unless I take my life away, I have nothing and no one left to loose.

  3. Talking with my cancer ain't work well even with so much patient, compassion n wisdom. But he codependent with me and ask me to ping him everyday. But when i pinged him he took me for granted. I just don't have time for this game. Like talking to robot. One sided and detached. This is the most awkward connection. Thanks for your reading🙏

  4. Cant go soon enough, i usually have the patience of job lol. I'm reunited with my Gimini high school sweetheart and moving from Louisiana to Albuquerque New Mexico in just a few weeks. Selling my things and starting over. I'm having issues with my Leo mother, Scorpio father and Scorpio son not supporting me, I'm not appreciated here. It's time for me to be selfish for once in my life .we were seperated 33 years ago and he found me again.. he's my missing piece

  5. ❤ Your readings! Especially how well you tie astrology in to the signs. Has helped me become more aware of my own patterns small & large. Grateful for the journey these last 2 yrs & the deeper healing & understanding within myself. Thank you!
    I'm a Cancer, Leo, Sag. The past yr I've felt my subconscious take a complete transformation, only reflecting my Leo & Sag, & "protecting" my cancer qualities. Especially my decisions & actions the last 6 months, major Leo & Sag

  6. I cleaned out and up my suitcase on Monday March 12th. ..I KNOW I'm traveling very soon however I must get things in order before I can leave. … Sag sun, Sco rising, Virgo moon and Aquarius Venus 😊 do I really have to say anymore? Super Excellent reading, my 1st time ❤💓

  7. I am a fire sign Sag. married to a PISCES controller. We have a lot of problems!!!! My daughter is an Earth sign, she is always begging me to leave the situation. It has really broken me down for almost 20 years. YOU ARE SPOT ON , GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  8. WAS SO SPOT ON!!! All of those ppl you mentioned are in my circle right now & accusing me of having an "attitude" bc I didn't smile at them. Meanwhile I've felt like I've had 2 tower moments per week since late August up until now…& my business suffered greatly. Virgo & a Scorpio being very childish.
    This is soooo spot on!

  9. Was laid off a yr ago today and I’m still struggling financially. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. I’ve been holding on to it because I didn’t feel I got closure. I’m working at a job that doesn’t pay half of what I made previously. Love got back on track but this financial situation is still holding me back. With me being Sagittarius rising, I gotta be financially independent. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in any place. Something is coming tho. I feel it!

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