Skirting a Recession? | Bloomberg Surveillance 02/22/2023

Tom Keene, Jonathan Ferro and Lisa Abramowicz have the economy and the markets “under surveillance” as they cover the latest in finance, economics and investment, and talk with the leading voices shaping the conversation around world markets. This show is simulcast worldwide on Bloomberg Television and Radio.
Can the Fed help the US avoid a recession? #fed #bloomberg #surveillance
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  1. Blame the neonazi Joe Shilter for all the wrong happening in the world!Read my book about .Hunter…whores…drugs and bribes……"The Finger painting files!"

  2. From my perspective, this highlights the importance of having a competitive advantage as investors. Merely mirroring the market strategies of others is insufficient in achieving optimal results. I am currently grappling with the decision to invest in the current market, as it presents both uncertainty and opportunity. Could you share your insights on this matter?

  3. The market trend can turn around very quickly. In fact, the indexes often switch from a bear market to a bull market when the news is at its worst and the mood of investors is at its lowest point. I read an article of people that grossed profits up to $150k during this crash, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?

  4. You will see white-collar layoffs continue as much as people are trying to suggest that it's because these companies over-employed. That may be the case currently; however, it will get worse. Once the band-aid is off, you will see the bleeding, and DEMAND will pull back. As Demand pulls back, that will impact blue-collar jobs. Smaller retail companies will have to lay off employees and that is when we will feel it the most.

    White Collar layoffs = Lower Demand for goods (people will substitute for cheaper goods if its a "NEED" and hold back on anything that is a "WANT") = Blue Collar Layoffs = More decline in demand = eventually pushing price down.

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