Sling Pack vs Blind bag – Best Duck Hunting Packs

Sling Pack vs Blind bag – Best Duck Hunting Packs

On this video, I go over the pros and cons of both the Sling Pack and the Blind bag. Which one I like best and when I use each style while out hunting!

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  1. It is designed to be able to be worn on your chest if need be while walking in. (The same way you had it for pulling stuff out of the pockets). Is it uncomfortable or something that way? I feel like it would be better when wearing a big pack because it could come off of your shoulder or choke you like a blind bag does at times. So I guess my question is why wouldn’t you just wear it on your chest instead of putting it in another backpack?

  2. Can you do a scouting video i seen videos on scouting but no one talks about best times to go what are you looking for as far as pond or lake or food source. They all say the same thing “drive and follow them with a clip of them looking through binoculars

  3. I’m sure when the Tanglefree go-to bag goes on sale this Christmas I’ll be ordering one. Currently using a traditional blind bag. Big enough to carry the essentials but small enough that I don’t load it full of unnecessary junk.

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