Star Wars – Episode VIII The Last Jedi – Normies Blind Group Reaction

The Normies watch Star Wars Episode XIII for the first time. The Last Jedi reaction is divisive. Rian Johnson what you doin dawg. Honestly after watching this movie for the first time: it was entertaining. He definitely subverted expectations for the sake of subverting them while ignoring some fundamental Star Wars rules but we still enjoyed the film and this entry for the sequel trilogy. Stick around after our reacts for the discussion!


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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. The biggest problem with this trilogy was that they had NO plan for it from start to finish, the second movie ended up just undoing a bunch of stuff the first movie set up and then the third one had to try to fix what the second one screwed up. This one had some cool scenes but overall was one of the worst star wars films because there was so much nonsensical stuff going on, they didn't know what to do with Finn so they added yet another character to take him on some stupid side trip. The fleets chasing each other was cool for the visuals but was almost like an episode of BSG lol plus why not just have a few ships jump ahead of where they were going and block them in? so many plot holes and wasted characters.

  2. If you could destroy a fleet by hyper driving through it, they could have just sent a regular transport to do it right away instead of letting the entire fleet be destroyed before you do it with your capital ship. Worst leadership ever. Even if she had a plan, you can't leave your entire team in the dark inciting panic.

  3. 11:28 – When Suraj said, "Controversial opinion, I've always hated C-3PO." And I had to pause and do a double take… my man, please tell me you're not solo dolo-ing some Wild Turkey American Honey straight from the BOTTLE? LMFAO! <3 – I didn't really think it was – but now I have the mental image and it keeps making me laugh.) This man looked like he made an executive decision and ended up holding a bottle of Wake-Up-In-The-Yard-With-Your-Pants-Around-Your-Ankles, I've never seen anybody be so CASUAL about drinking some serious shit straight from the bottle.

  4. I feel like my issues with the Disney sequels relates more with their style of movies. I feel like comedy isn’t as good when so much comedy is shoehorned in. The og trilogy was serious and benefitted from Hans slight humor and the Prequels were goofy but also serious. Star Wars movies aren’t comedies yet if you scrub to any point in this reaction you’ll see a laugh or a joke being made. No one is the comic relief because every character cracks jokes.

  5. I love all the balance of the Force talk with fans. Basically, the Jedi and Sith keep trying to be on top and the Force corrects things to make it even.
    In the prequels: The Jedi were at their height and there were no Sith. Palpatine rose and Anakin fell to bring balance.
    In the OT: The Dark Side was on top. Luke and Leia were born and with Anakin brought balance back.
    In the Sequels: Ben Solo fell and the Dark rose up so Rey was born to bring balance.

  6. I wouldn't have minded a trilogy that kept the path of this one into the last movie (Rey being nobody, or the kid using the force), but alas …. And even the last movie, if they just kept some of those plot points but either hinted at them here or whatever, I wouldnt have minded either.

  7. Technically you could do anything with the force. Living force, cosmic force and the midi-chlorian are a driving force of reality. If you control the force, you control reality, if not entirely, at least a big portion!

  8. I feel like everyone over looks the fact that KYLO REN did two things his grandfather DARTH VADER couldn't do 1) kills a loved one and 2) killed his master and lived to take his place.

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