Starting on building deer blinds

Already thinking about this next year and getting ready

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  1. Do you hunt up high I got to wear I'm to old to hunt in the air I gots a like new Dale 3 shirt that doesn't fit me hanging in the closet shoot me an address and I'll send it to you

  2. Just checking hope everyone is safe from mondays storms Do not know what part of the state your in Being from Oklahoma we know very well your life can change in seconds Be Safe

  3. Repurposing lumber and ripping 2x4s, extra-large bucket of screws, Milwaukee M18 power, and your foresight for planning ahead makes me a genius for tuning in and listening to you. Got a young cuz that 🦌 hunts. He will hear 'bout you and getting him a CT3 long sleeve orange.

  4. Hey Tim that your rockin all the Milwaukee stuff..i am a Milwaukee nut…love their stuff..hey next time they talk to you ask them about a top handle arborist style chainsaw would ya ..thanks man keep up the great vid's..

  5. Tim when I am not in my shop I am usually on You Tube learning or just entertaining myself. I gave up on regular TV 3 years ago. I would much rather soak my brain in knowledge and knowledgeable entertainment than the sewage on TV. Your Channel has become a daily thing for me. Thanks

  6. Hi Tim. Just watched your video this morning, rule of thumb for nails or screws twice as long as the timber you are going through (so 50mm timber 100mm nails / screws) other good video.

  7. Of course I didn't watch til the end before commenting. You'll do fine with the fan, its just screws and tiny mechanics. I hear ya about the figuring it out on your own. I like doing that myself as well. If you get stuck, give a holler!

  8. Tim next 24 hours you need to be watching the skies good possible chance of severe weather heading your way I don't have for porch tornadoes one possible on the ground it's traveled a long distance

  9. like you I do a lot of stuff by myself. Ran a table saw to death last summer building 250ft of porch railing!!LOL Those roller stands are real lifesavers. And I also have to stretch to get across that 4×8 sheet of plywood.LOLOL

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