Superman & Lois 3×3 REACTION!! "In Cold Blood"

Eric and Aaron react to and discuss season 3 episode 3 of Superman & Lois – “In Cold Blood” – #SupermanAndLois

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00:00 – Intro
02:40 – Reaction
19:29 – Discussion: Emotionally Drained
23:29 – The Slap
27:28 – Clark’s Dreams
29:14 – Superman’s Blood
32:18 – You Two Are Next
32:53 – Repercussions of the Slap
33:19 – Use of the Blood
34:39 – The Kids’ Fight
36:11 – Kyle & Chrissy
37:16 – More than One Villain
39:07 – Nightmare Foreshadowing
42:11 – Patreon Poll

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Bruce Willis lol I believe Bruno thinks he can help people with Superman's blood orr cure them maybe but he doesn't care if people who try to stop him will get hurt….

  2. I know its not popular in this day and time but sarah kind of deserved that slap, I don't like the hitting the face but 5 or 6 licks with a belt across he backside for disrespecting her mother like that is absolutly earned.

    kids now days are not tought to respect there parents or other people anymore.

  3. This episode was directed by the main kid from Small Soldiers. The movie where the toys come alive and fight each other. Army dudes & Gorgons, I think that’s what they are called.

  4. Lois's dad breaking down got me he is such a good actor the actors on this show are amazing, the writing is never bad and Lana hitting sarah was wow, Lana just needs to listen to her daughter and be cool with Kyle

  5. For getting Superman’s blood it could from the dead bizzaro body or from the blood drawn when Superman become powerless after ally drained him. John Henry said in season 2 that they were able to draw blood.

  6. This series is soo damn well made! And what I really like is, that after a season of literal worlds coliding, it's cool that now we're "only" dealing" with sickness and human problems this season.

  7. WHY IS EVERYONE FORGETTING ABOUT THE EPISODE IN SEASEON TWO WHEN ALLY DRAINED SUPERMANS POWERS AND HE BECAME HUMAN? Remember when Superman was taken to the hospital and the doctors DREW HIS BLOOD? For fans of the show, how could anyone forget this?

  8. Don't know if Eric remembers this from "Smallville" but there was a storyline in that show where Lex was using platelets from Clark's blood (he didn't know it was Clark's) to resurrect people. That's why I thought it was Clark's blood. Could the blood be from Bizarro?

  9. the story is brilliant for superman mythos… I feel like many writers avoiding telling stories where supes have to constantly choose between Lois and the world. The episodes starts replaying the same nightmare… where clark ignores everything else just to save Lois. I feel like that would be the theme of this season, especially how it correlates to bruno mannheim.

  10. that scene with lana and sarah was hard to watch. although lana shouldn’t have slapped her, what sarah said about the cheating thing was way too far. lana has been under a ton of pressure for a while now and she really is trying her best, however it still is no excuse. i also feel for sarah tho and everything that she is dealing with. OH GOD IM CONFLICTED 😭

  11. i can't exactly remember and i am throwing it out there to how they have clark's blood is bizzaro but then again wouldn't bizarro's blood show up slightly reversed/different because he's from the other world…..or just spin it with that or back to the question, clark what got you to give up so much of your DNA lol

  12. Okay. I'm not sure or it probably has been mentioned as a theory or said flat out what they're trying to do with Miller…..if I'm slow to the party I'm sorry…. But it only clicked while watching episode 3….the experiments, Clark's blood. Killing and reviving the subject……. DOOMSDAY.

    I would also find it pretty interesting if they have two storylines death of superman and death of Lois Lane

  13. So since the last episode we found out my Dad has 2 masses in one of his kidneys. We don't know if it's anything bad yet, but this story line is different one week later.

  14. People saying Sarah deserved to be slapped is crazy. LMAO bro she was being a little shit so take away her phone and ground her or something. You don't get to just slap your kids and not be the shitty person in the scenario. Sarah could of literally said anything and I don't think hitting her could ever be justified

  15. I wonder if because if how shows have gone with CW shows think they could be building towards the END of Superman and Lois it feels like we building to her good bye and him becoming Kingdom Come Superman (not logical but a nice thought)

  16. My problem with Sarah is she seems to have excuses for cheating. She kissed a girl while with Jonathan and makes an excuse for her dad cheating on her mom. Forgave his alcoholism but how dare mom work to support them. Poor thing has no self awareness right now and I hope her dad is direct about why her mom had an unfortunate moment. She only gets a pass because she is a child.

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