Surprise Deer Blind Build – 4×8 Deer Stand Build

Deer Season is coming up in Texas and we decided to build a deer blind, deer hunting blind or as I call them a deer stand. This was a surprise for our dad and we think it came out great.
The size of the Deer Blind is 4×8, we used 5 widows and a door purchased from The Original Deer Blind Window Co, treated 4×4 and 1/2″ treated plywood for the floors, 2×3 studs to save on space, and T1-11for the siding finished off with exterior army green paint, outdoor carpet and foam insulation.
The Box blind will actually be elevated onto a stand and that is why we thought the 4×4’s would be enough support but we added extra 2×4 joist afterwords to make the floor solid.

Josh drew up plans on paper and we cut and put together this awesome deer stand which I think our dad was excited about.

The one thing we wanted to do with our hunting deer blind is make sure it was sealed to keep wasp and other insects out.Our stands of the past were all DIY homemade doors and windows so when we had the opportunity to use professional windows and doors we jumped on it.When we build another Stand we have a few things to change but on this one we still need to add a tin roof, a little camo paint and possibly some solar lights.
This was not a cheap deer blind build but would have cost twice as much to have someone build it for us and what is the fun in that if you can’t do something yourself?
Do you have the desire to make a homemade deer blind or just buy one?
What size deer blind do you use and what type?

Thanks for watching!

0:00 intro
0:38 getting material
2:20 Building floor
3:40 Building the wall
4:41 attaching wall to floor
5:25 building wall 3
6:33 building wall 4 with door
7:16 Adding floor support to floor
7:30 installing rafters
8:50 skinning the walls
11:03 installing windows
12:40 Paint
13:00 Deer Stand Walk Through
14:50 Delivery

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Guys, love the blind. Most especially love that you did it for your dad. You seem like great dudes. How did you attach the insulation to the siding? Are you going to paint the inside?

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