Swift Lift | Mobile Hunting Blind Stand Solution

This is the easiest deer blind stand/tower to set up and takedown. It can be operated by one person. No need to build or labor over the set up of another deer stand ever again. The unit is built right onto the trailer making it super simple for transport.

 Arrive at your best hunting spot
 Level the outriggers and remove travel pins
 With the supplied, solar-powered winch, lift it up
 Secure the stabilizer, set the ladder in place
 You’re ready to hunt.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. your design can be improved in terms of how high it can reach , once it has reached the upright position you could have some seamless pipe in the inside of the tube which can have a pin hole in it to secure it to the desired location before lifting. the easiest way to lift it again would be to use those flat jacks on the legs and just crank it , but some people would find that undesirable so you could make it where the which attaches to it and lifts it . i do like your design though .

  2. $11,250.00 . Now think about this folks. You can buy a 1000lb to 1500lb cow depending on breed from anywhere from $600 to $2000. Here's what I want you to think about. How many cows could you buy and how much would it cost you to have them butchered. How many thousands of pounds of meat would you have and for how long you could eat on it.
    Some folks got more money than since.

  3. I'd love to see the interior, window operation and roof assembly. The price seems really fair for a unit I could easily move and (in many years) sell to another Texas hunter – at least that's what I'm going to tell my wife!

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