Targeting A Plan for Bigger Antlers And Better Hunting | Deer Managment | (#385)

From First, an Easter greeting (0:00 – 00:42), then advice for landowner Greg Ritz in big farm country to improve his property for even bigger bucks and better hunting. See a few details of those recommendations and more on establishing spring food plots and improving wildlife habitat.
Hunting Products in this video:
Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans,
Genesis Drill,
Eagle Seed Broadside blend,
Lacrosse boots,
Flatwood Natives,
Reconyx scouting cameras,
Redneck Soft Side Blind,

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  1. Daniel or Grant or someone, can you recommend a very good herbicide to kill suckers and sprouts from sourwood, tulip poplar and other species that are so bad to keep sprouting? I have about a 15' wide clearing all the way across the back boundry and fence row of my timbered property in east TN that I want to plant year round forage in for deer and turkeys and I have struggled for 6 yrs now trying to kill them out and have burnt it off several times and have also sprayed a couple times with little results. Thanks!

  2. on the property I hunt there is corn, alfalfa, and some oaks but our deer have never had soy beans do you think if I planted some they wild eat it please respond so I know what I sold plant on the plots this year thank u

  3. hey grant I've left comments previously and never got a response but just want to thank u for ur advice on how to manage a deer herd we are instilling the no hick under 4 gets harvested thanks again

  4. Could you do a video on how you choose to buy the proving grounds? For example you could say what made the land attractive, and if anything what would you have done differently. I think it would be a very interesting video. Happy Easter!

  5. I know it's unintentional Grant but when you say you haven't applied any fertilizer in 14 years that's a little misleading because I recall all the tons of Antler Dirt you guys had spread over multiple years on the proving grounds. While technically not "fertilizer", it was still added nutrients and minerals which is technically still adding fertilizer.

  6. Time lapse on the glad re-growth after the fire? Very excited to see how quick that vegetation gets into the 2-4 foot range. Excellent show and information.

  7. Would you recommend the softside blinds? I need to purchase 3 blinds
    for my dad and my son this summer but would love a good testimonial. Keep up the GREAT habitat videos….

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