Terrain Edge Assembly and Review- 4×4 Plastic Panel Deer Hunting Blind Box

The Terrain Edge 4×4 Plastic Panel Deer Hunting Blind is perfect for youth archery hunters, crossbow hunters, and gun hunters. This little blind allows the hunters to remain scent free, undetected, and comfortable!

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  1. I strongly suggest covering the exposed edges of the pallet plywood with aluminum drip edge or possibly even J- channel on 7/16" – 1/2" plywood to minimize rain seeping in between your carpeted floor panel and warping or rotting them out.

  2. Mine did not come with a floor. I assembled it on a heavy duty 3/4 inch treated plywood base on 4x4s and installed the windows last finger tight. To my dismay all the windows cracked from hinge to hinge within two days even though the blind had not even been moved. It appears that the holes drilled in the windows had stresses which resulted in the cracks. Terrain wants pictures which I will happily send but since my hunting location is 385 miles from my home, getting the pictures will require another trip and result in a long delay in getting this fixed. I am not happy.

  3. Look up YouTube videos on mr. Heater Buddy heaters. They're naughty 99.9% emission free and safe to use indoors. There are multiple videos where guys do testing inside of campers and homes and things like that… Just FYI. Greg video good job!

  4. At first I saw one of this deer blind stand and I bought one from Fleet Farm for $499. I used last deer season hunting 2018 but I think still
    too small for me. I only 5'4" tall but still too small for me not much room to move around. It's nice one and keep very warm when you use
    Mr. Heater.

  5. I used to be a hard core hang on tree stand hunter. This past season I used my first blind and man you just dont know. I had my buddy heater in it with a couple windows open and Deere just ft away. My goal for 19' is no more breath freezing to my eyebrows, in building a hunting house.

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