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Which device is the best camera phone of 2022? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this video. Mixing up fun with competition, we did a blind camera comparison with the best camera phones of 2022 – and all the results came with the votes casted by you – our great community! We counted up the results from our social medias, and got the conclusion that everyone has been waiting for some time. And the winner is – in the video! Leave a comment on which phone is your favorite, and if you agree with the top 3! #bestcameraphone #blindtest

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  1. Huawei P20, P30 and then P40… Trump destroyed the best phones ever created with the Google ban from the P40 and up….. After that i Had, Xiaomi, a couple of Samsungs, and Iphone and none can compare to the Huawei devices in cameras, Battery or total "Bang for the buck".. And i still think the last photo was better from P50.. Have Samsung now but dont want it anymore..

  2. It's really a surprise how Samsung and apple failed easily at first round,am a fan of Google,for they took the best picture in my opinion…..this is a really fun video,I enjoyed it,you did a really great job.❤️

  3. Google's computational photography on the next level🔥🔥🔥🔥. Cuz even with my Samsung's 1080mp sensor, i dont even use stock camera app. I use cracked gcam for better results.

  4. Biased video, definitely to allow Pixel 6 Pro win. Why should we trust someone with no real knowledge for photography. The test and methodology is for 5y old kids!

  5. Google's image processing has always been ahead of the curve. Imagine pairing the mi 12s ultra 1" sensor with google processing. That'd be the best. Pixel 8 should definitely use that sensor.

  6. It's funny. With the Xperia vs Magic comparison, before the reveal I thought the Xperia looked more natural and not as over processed. In other words, I preferred it.

    In MKBHD's first blind test it was shown that overblowing colours and sharpness will get the likes on Instagram, but doesn't necessarily prove what camera is best.

    Basically, these tests are fun, but don't really prove much.

  7. This is a bad comparison option! You need to choose 1 of all phones for the same photo. And not 1 of 2 options for different photos…

    Portraits, night shots, zoom, main camera, etc.

    And here it turns out not to choose the best, but some kind of playoff.

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