The BEST homemade Deer Blind

I am a finish carpenter by trade, so I put those skills to good use on this blind build.

I was not paid for this video in any way or by any company with the products used. I purchased all products by myself. I made this video on my own to educate others about products I personally believe in and use. Thanks for watching

products used below:

6×6 custom blind
2×4 framed
insulated with batt insulation
smart siding on exterior
Rpanel metal roof and metal corner flashing
2×6 floor joists
EZ tower 4×4 leg brackets
DeerView insulated door
magnetic door stops
Redneck blind gear hold and separate bow holder
Perforated vinyl window coverings
Window maker no longer in business but the next one will have DeerView windows

Video Equipment
iPhone 11
Joby Tripod

Comment anything you need to know on how to build!

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Thank you for the great video and design. Did you use 2×4 also for the floor support? 6×6 design, can you shoot with a rifle from inside the blind or will you have a portion of the rifle out of the window?

  2. I live in Missouri & prefer having the widows tilt inward in case of all probable/possible rain, sleet, snow in the hunting season. The magnetic holders would well from the interior too.

  3. Best construction, windows, and accessories I've seen. If you would have set it back under the tree, with the tree in background to break up the silhoette, and camoed the blind a bit, it would be virtually hidden, and you might fool even the biggest bucks in the area. I guess if you only hunt it once in a great while it will be fine, but I wouldn't expect to kill anything huge out of it, especially with any significant hunting pressure on the property. The big boys in my area figure out pretty quick what a box in an open field is during hunting season. Fortunately for me, the outdoor hunting channels have misled my neighboring box blind hunters.

  4. Do you regret having windows that open outward rather than inward. In Nebraska it gets cold so we want them to open inward when we see the deer and less chance they get spooked. We generally don't leave them open all the time.

Brushing in a duck blind!!