The BEST portable DIY Duck Blind for public land

Emily brought an idea to fruition and made a duck blind that is quick and easy to set up, take down, and takes minimal space for transport. This blind is specifically for coastal diver hunting which doesn’t require overhead cover. Its a simple design, but way cheaper than a store-bought one, and only took a few minutes to throw together with stuff laying around the house.

Link to camo netting:

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  1. How do y’all brush it up? And what do have at yalls backs when using this as far as cover. Wanting to make one this week as it’s the break in our OK season and love the idea just wanted to know if I could brush it up and what you had behind y’all thanks

  2. Love the DIY!! Great vid! Not to sound like a jerk, but a camo wall only works for…well…humans. Overhead cover is what matters. The wall looks great across the pond from human eye level, but ducks are in the air.
    Would make a great turkey blind!

  3. I love this concept. Curious – what kind of results have you had with this blind? I plan to give it a try. Hope you’ve had success. Are you just using one, or do you use one in front and one behind?

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