The Country of The Blind by H.G. Wells | Themes

The Country of The Blind by H.G. Wells | Themes
Hello friends…. It’s Literature Simply simple way to learn literature & language in this video we’ll know about The Country of The Blind by H.G. Wells | Themes #TheCountryoftheBlind #HGWells #LiteratureSimply ____________________________________________________________
In this video following things are discussed:
The country of the blind by H.G. Wells
What are the dominant themes in the story?
What is the Country of the Blind?
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  1. ANOTHER THEME :Lack of tolerance and narrow mindedness: instead of trying to understand and
    accept the villager’s world view, Nuñez does all his best to convert them into his own
    way of thinking; when he fails, he tries to rebel against them. The villagers, on the other
    hand, render him into a slave because he has tried to upset their beliefs, traditions and
    customs. They punish him for being a non conformist.

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