The Foster Triplets || Suddenly Blind and Deaf!

What if you suddenly lost your hearing and your vision for no apparent reason? Dr. Nathalee McKnight shares her powerful testimony of victory “in spite of”. She presents us a modern day Job story that is sure to revive and inspire your faith.


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  1. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™HEARTFELT THANKS!

    Hello, Hello, Hello, our new found family and long time friends. This is Auntie Nathalee and Uncle Mark.

    Permit us to thank you individually for your care since the airing of The Foster Triplets – Suddenly Blind and Deaf Interview Oct 21, 2022. Initially, we were utterly amazed at the outpouring of love, but not anymore. Let God have His way.

    Thanks are inadequate for the various encouragements and support we have received from our Delveland, New Haven, North London (Canada) and wider SDA church family; The Brooks', Walker's and McKnight's family; my present and past colleagues at the Ministry of Education and agencies; Western University, Shortwood College, Zone 1 Star Teachers, Stony Hill HEART Academy, College of Academics, VTDI families and my global friends.

    What we have done is demonstrated that in a wicked, sad and lonely world, not all humanity has lost care, love and hope. Your love outshines the darkness. Very remarkable, are those who do not live their lives from a place of faith or religious leaning, yet have offered to pray for my healing! You have all stretched out yourselves to us and we really appreciate you. Thank you so much.

    Always remember that when someone shares his/her story with you, there is always more! Some of the things we cannot divulge or put in words. And only in the lived-experience can you really know with certaintude what people really endure. Let us continue to be compassionate towards each other. Because of my own crucibles, my heart is filled with such love and tenderness for hurting and suffering people.


    How compelling that God has used this traumatic situation of mine to assert my degraded passion and summon us to live by faith. If life is beating the pulp out of you, and you feel way down under, like I have been, I just want to cry with you, sit with you and ask the Saviour to help you. Please be aware of His sympathizing presence even now.

    Listen, even if my condition or yours resulted from any self-inflicted sin or action, Jesus came to save us from our sins. When I read in the scriptures "Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them." Heb 7v25, I don't question or even try to argue, I just welcome Christ's intercession for me. Jesus really loves you and He's doing everything to save you.

    It is my prayer that you and I will so live by the grace of God to see Jesus face to face. I know He's coming soon, and when He does, all who come to Him by faith and true repentance, will be made whole. Please let us keep fighting the good fight of faith.

    Every Blessing,

  2. God will heal you he will give you back your eyes sight back and your hearing back when you go to church let the minister anointed your eyes and ears once you believe in him he will heal you.

  3. Very interesting. Vedio Remember God promise never to leave us. Job had a lot of sufferings. But Job stayed faithful
    My dear sis continue to trust in God
    You will be in my prayer.

  4. May the good Lord continue to bless, encourage, strengthen and enable you and may He continue to bless your very supportive husband and grant him the fortitude to continue this journey with you. I hope God in His mercy will return your vision and hearing and I too will pray for you. May God's will be done. Blessings from a sister in Barbados.

  5. So sad! Sorry for what you are going through. If you use hair dye, you should stop. I pray God give you the strength to go on look forward for eternity. Thank you for sharing your story, letting the rest of us realize we need to stop complaining and be enjoy our blessings.

  6. This podcast is such a blessing to me because I have hearing difficulties but with my hearing aide I hear very well. I admire your faith and how you manage to cope. Thank God for your wonderful husband.

  7. Listening to this interview bring tears to my eyes. You are a woman of God do not give up. Hod is still alive. God raise Lazarus from the dead, he give sight to the blind, he told the man at the gate take up his bed and walk. Keep on your knees God is not dead he knows your struggles he will help you. He does not give you more than you can bear, keep talking to God he will never leave you alone

  8. Praying for you my sister,God is's not too late for your miracle.The doctors did their part,allow God to do. His part: Foster sister's,"you are doing a wonderful job changing. and touching lives all over the world.all your songs are my favorite.Especially,jordan roles back,may the good Lord continue to bless and prosper you you. my young sisters!!!.

  9. I declare in the mighty name of Yahushua Ha Mashiach that your vision and hearing will be restored as suddenly as you lost them! So let it be Father! According to your plan and your purpose for Auntie Nathalee's life

  10. = (she may need help) = *There are others on YouTube. Again, I think she may need help with them. *Irritation may not be good for her or it may actually be a healing factor. I do not know. I am no expert. (God, touch her eyes and ears and heal them as you had done in the Bible stories. She loves you. She needs you. Please be there for her and heal her completely. Amen.)

  11. Am listing Dr Natalie story this is a witchcraft spirit. Attack you Dr please. Watch Prophetess Dr Mattie Nottage on youtube God as rose her up for such time like this she is a Glory carrier. Preach,teach and demonstrate the Gospel

  12. I see strength and faith beyond your kind words and humility ma'am, may God continue to grant you the grace of going through every single day.

    As the old saying goes โ€œthis too shall passโ€ it's my prayer that you experience that in your lifetime Amen ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™€๏ธ

  13. Thank you all so much for this content and thank you Auntie Nathalee!! Your story is one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I came here with the yearning to seek God in prayer more and get closer to him like I once was! I've noticed the enemy has came for me even harder in recent years to try and take the rest of my will and wind left in me out! But I will not fall, thanks for this video you have reminded me that it will always be hard! It was hard for Jesus up until he took his last breath. Thank you all sharing!!

  14. แŠ แ‹ญแ‹žแˆฝ แŠฅแˆ…แ‰ด แ‰ แŒŒแ‰ณ แ‰ แŠฅแ‹จแˆฑแˆฐ แˆฐแˆ แˆแˆˆแ‰ฑแˆ แˆแˆˆแ‰ฑแˆ แŒ†แˆฎแ‰ฝแˆธ แ‹ญแˆฐแˆ™
    แ‰ แŒŒแ‰ณ แ‰ แŠฅแ‹จแˆฑแˆต แˆตแˆ แ‹จแˆฐแ‹ญแŒฃแŠ• แˆ˜แŠ•แˆแˆฐ แŠ แˆฐแˆซแˆญ แˆแˆ‰ แ‹ญแแˆจแˆฐ แ‹ญแแˆจแˆฐ
    แ‰ แŒŒแ‰ณ แ‰ แŠฅแ‹จแˆฑแˆฐ แˆตแˆ แˆแˆ‰แˆ แŠ แŠซแˆ‹แ‰ตแˆฝ แ‰ แˆ™แˆ‰ แ‹ญแˆตแˆซ แŠ แˆœแŠ• โคโคโค

  15. This lady is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a trial to befall her. May God continue to cradle her in his arms as she continues her life amid challenges. She is coping thus far with such grace.

  16. My husband & I just finished speaking the Name of Jesus over her & he "found" that she had a bad subluxation in her atlas (where the skull meets the neck). That has now been corrected through this prayerful healing. We hope to hear some good news of the return of her hearing & sight because of this. She still has many good works in God's Kingdom with her vibrant personality. <3 We will keep praying these healing prayers over her until we hear that she is healed, in Jesus' mighty Name….the Name above ALL Names! Amen

  17. Thank you for sharing this Job's story with me. I believe that you auntie is "chosen and highly favored" by her tenderly loving Heavenly Father. (I say this because I too experienced my crucible (only this evening I was sharing it with my neighbor, telling her that God was there with me in every psychiatric hospital, he was there). Looking back – I have no regrets. During my hospital stay I witnessed to many from the bible, I saw many patients accept Christ as their savior.) During one of my stays in the hospital the devil tried to kill me – but God was there with me.

  18. Lord I am in awe for many reasons. This is the most amazing situation I have seen, heard and try to understand!
    One thing I am sure of is that she is not being punished for anything she have done or not done! She is greater than Job! And is hear for a special purpose!

  19. What an awesome story of love and faith. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony. It is very helpful to me in my own struggles. Over time I have had so many answers from the Lord and have experienced miracles of healing. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and The Lord has all the answers to our bodily needs. God is good. There is purpose in all that He does. We need His wisdom. The world has knowledge but it is not the same as God's wisdom. We can access that wisdom through Jesus… the Great Physician. May you continue to be healed and blessed Auntie Nathalee. I am praying for you. Thank you also to Uncle Mark and to the triplets. Blessings.

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