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This hay bale blind is awesome! The deer will never know your there!
The blind is made out of 2×4’s, plywood, 6mm plastic, soil erosion material. The deer walk right up to it!

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. The only drawback I see is other shooters thinking it's just a bale of hay and shooting through it. They won't know it's not a bale of hay. Put some orange flags or something like that to get the other hunters attention. After a while the deer won't pay any attention to the flags.

  2. Hi sir well got to say my friend thats a cracking job you dun on the hunting hide sir well smart im lving it my frined big👍👍up to you sir brilliant ida take cear and be safe godbless you and your family from dino in the uk🛸🤣

  3. Great idea. Not so great design.
    You can't use plastic like that unless it's really cold out. If it was above 50° outside, in an hour it would be too hot inside with a couple of guys in it.
    You should use a wrap that's waterproof but allows air to go through from the inside out (like Tyvek* house wrap). You could always put screens in the end windows.

  4. Great Design and great instructions! Couple of suggestions. They make a roof wrap that is like house wrap only less expensive. Use plastic caps to secure to make pretty water tight and wind proof. They make a slap stapler to install these caps, and there are also a couple of pneumatic guns that can be used installation. The roof wrap should last more than the 3-5 years.

  5. Just a killer Blind to build , First time I ever used one I blended it into an existing row of round bales . An absolute guaranteed
    venison getter ! Enjoy , Thanks for sharing , take the kids with out , they will remember it forever.

  6. THAT WOULD BE AND OUTSTANDING DUCK BLIND AND DEER BLIND YOU COULD POSSIBLY PLACE IT ON A SMALLER ELEVATED STAND TOO no more than 3 or 5 foot high. Great Job. Hope u can show it in action set up in the field with video of a hunt in progress. Seeing how many deer are actually fooled by this innovative design.

  7. I built one of these last year but I had to spray mine down with some homemade habanero pepper spray!! My damn cows were eatin the fire out of it!! I don’t know why but they seemed to like it more than the bales put out for them!! The hot peppers seem to be workin, they’re leaving it alone now. Just be warned, if you are using this type of blind in a pasture that has cattle, they WILL eat holes in it unless you spray it down! LOL

  8. Nice. With all those staples holding on the erosion blanket it has to leak like a sieve????? If it’s already 400-500 pounds why not make some type of permanent roof to stay dry?? Have you made one for duck and goose hunting?? Thanks for sharing

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