The HUGE Deer Blind Project – Pic's and Video's

I have been hunting for 7 long years in the weather, so I finally decided to build a deer blind so I could have a roof over my head.

This deer stand is 16ft tall and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, most of the wood was saved from an old playhouse my dad built me when I was little, so it didn’t cost much money. I only had to buy the plywood, paint, and nails/screws.

I have to thank my parents for their support and idea’s throughout the whole build. I couldn’t have done it without them.

I can’t wait for hunting season this year.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. i like the corner-to-corner windows. I've seen so many with tiny windows. Every location is different and maybe small windows work in some of those locations but I don't like blind spots. I want to be able to see and hear what is around me.

  2. nice blind. i like tha camo. i am building one right now. measurments are 6×6. highest part of ceiling is 7ft dropping down to 6ft. i am going to be putting it up about 16ft. i will be using trees as my post. i have about 90 dollars in it. i have a bunch of steel sheeting i will be using for sides and roof. should last forever.

  3. Looks awesome. Anything you would do different if you built another one? I built a similar blind but not elevated. I put the camo mesh over the windows so you can't see it and it helps keep insects out. When I shoot out a section I just replace it. Great job on the build!!!

  4. First off, great video and music in the background. Most of ours are in trees but pretty big. My dad is a sheet metal worker and builds all of our stands lol. Check out my video on my channel of my first deer kill with a pistol. It shows the new stand he built me.

  5. Very nice job Christopher, I was all set to build one similar to yours last year. The property where we hunt was sold. I liked your paint job. Looking for a new place to build a blind, as the NY winters are killing me, and my son starts to deer hunt next year. I hope you have a lot of good luck out of that blind!

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