The Key to Brushing Duck Blinds | Duck Hunting Tips with Phil and Jase Robertson

Truth: a duck hunter isn’t a real duck hunter without black spray paint.

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  1. On a boat duck blind do you prefer set openings or flip open doors ? Do you think a Tri-Hull boat is better then a flat bottom boat for a blind ? We put our boat about 6 ft. Into the cattails , should I paint the boat a sand color with a design or plain ? Thank you in advance!

  2. I just use silt. The black spray paint is a good idea. But I remember when I was a kid and guys wore red and black hats and shirts duck hunting and did fine. The trick is you have to really understand that ducks see you even in the best camouflage. I have layout blinds and even peeking through the screen when you eyeball them they flair, but have sat in a chair with my head down with a cap over my eyes and looked out the side of the hat to the sides and had them land feet from me with a orange hat on. So I think when you look straight on at them they might perceive energy like uv paint off of your face. It's a far fetched idea but yeah when we look down instead of up we do better in the blinds.

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