The new automated blind trading technique and robot that does not use stops or targets, Download it.

The new automated blind trading technique and robot that does not use stops or targets, Download it.

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  1. So did the Moving Average be more correct after all compared to RSi🙈 indicator as it looks like make much more efficient entries 🤔
    Why not EA 🙈 one in 2 with moving average and rsi.

  2. what is interesting to me is that I have been monitoring XAUUSD for a week and this would be perfect. As soon as I started investigating optimal outcome of my manual method, which I could not monitor all day, I started drawing examples of how I would want something like a robot to handle this.

    started drawing this kind of action in less than a week after seeing the trendy wave. I did not think of it like averaging and shifting because I don't know robots, but the actions exactly match what i tried to do in a manual way.

    an up trend is buy and only sells if it dips below a certain margin from the top of that arc and the same but reversed for selling.

  3. HI Alex!
    Is this ea available for purchase too? Or Is it available only for premium members? I am on a very tight budget. Please allow a stupid question: what if I cancel my premium membership after a while? Would I be still able to use it? Thank you, Sir.

  4. 💓 Thanks a lot Alex, you're a great trader 💓
    Please let me know what is the best time frame to trade using the magic moving average?
    Is it useful to use a "moving average period 4" at any time frame?

  5. Thank you, sir. I remember when I started charting something similar called DEMA, there were no computers or trading platforms and had to do everything in a millimetre paper, quite some arduous task. I now much prefer trading with your EAs. 🙂

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