The Orlovs beat up and blind Potemkin [Ekaterina s02e09]

As Grigory Orlov feels his place as Catherine II’s lover threatened by the young lieutenant Grigory Potemkin, he and his brother Alexei invite Potemkin to his room where they beat him.

Ekaterina season 2 episode 9

‘Ekaterina’ is a Russian TV series about Catherine the Great, from her arrival to Russia as a teenager German princess, to her long reign with a lot of moments of glory and darkness.

SUBTITLES ARE NOT MINE. I found several English subtitle versions on the internet for this TV series, and I tried to mix them into the best translation possible. But I don’t guarantee they are perfectly correct translations, as my Russian is knowledge is very limited.

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  1. That was brutal, horrible! Poor Potemink, I've seen this portrayed on other Catherine stories so knew it was coming but still awful to watch. Can't wait to see when it comes to light. Thanks for posting Lili!

  2. Historical note: Grigory Potemkin did lose one of his eyes, at some point in the eary years of Catherine II's reign, when he was already in her service but wasn't her lover yet. In real life, it is not clear how he lost his eye.
    One popular account, today doubted by historians, was what this series shows too. That when Orlov was starting to think that Potemkin might be getting too close to Catherine, he and Alexei invited Potemkin to Grigory's room where they beat him up, and Potemkin lost his eye due to the injuries he got from this fight.
    There are other assumptions that he might have lost his eye in another brawl. But what is considered the most likely scenario today is that he lost his eye due to an infection treated incorrectly by a doctor.

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