The Reason Ducks Spook | Duck Hunting Blinds and How to Hide

On this video discover the #1 Reason why ducks spook and how you can fix it! Joel shows you many different types of blind and ways you can hide so ducks wont see you.
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Tanglefree Layout Blind.

Tanglefree Blind Grass.

Tanglefree Panel Blind

Grass Mat.

Hardcore Blind Grass.

MoMarsh InvisiLab

MoMarsh InvisChair.

MoMarsh InvisMan.

Avian X- A-Frame Blind

Core Sound Layout Boat

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Joel Strickland (@mrproducersir) is a lifelong waterfowler, duck hunting guide and producer/director in the film and television industry.

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The Reason Ducks Spook | Duck Hunting Blinds and How to Hide

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  1. You literally made a video why ducks spook but you don't talk about hunting 9 to 12 clients in the same blind on the same birds. That is never and has never been hunting. 40 shells per volley is way closer to commercial gunner harvest or punt gun depreciation. No benefit to wildlife and wreckless disregard of the animal.

  2. Our birds in south Louisiana are so pressured that our blinds have to be be brushed so much as to render them nearly unusable. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it sure takes away much of the enjoyment of watching the birds work.

    Unpressured birds, I’ve hunted unconcealed from my dove bucket and hidden behind my gun barrel, lol. That is a lot more enjoyable and much easier shooting!

  3. Your correct ,concealment is key , movement gives you away, it is hard to have a good blind on public, how much can you carry out ? Dekes,blind , chair, camo screen ,lay down blind ,so many options

  4. A resevoir out here in southern california is allowing hunting from boat from designated buoys..5 to 25 ft of water not from the shore. Would u recommend one if those conduit scissor blinds or just laying out in jon boat with camo burlap covering everything

  5. I use fan palms in California. Use a utility knife to remove the thorns. Leave a longer stem and sharpen the end if you need to stick them in the ground or zip tie to a 2×2 construction stake.

  6. First year with ducks. Have a spot I do ok on wood ducks and teals when they was here. They didn’t seem to care I was there at all they were landing by me. Now that it’s mostly mallards around I can’t hide good enough from them things.

  7. I had an amazing hunt planned yesterday in layout boats. My tagalong didn't think ducks cared about seeing his face. This guy was eyeballing them the whole way. Needless to say 3 birds on the day,saw probably 450 mallards.

  8. I usually hunt all kinds, I have pit blinds that I don’t care for much, seems to stick out to me. I’m usually only one brushing it even tho we have another group we rotate with. They stomp around it, drive utv thru mud too so from above you can see atv trails going to the pit blind. Then floating blinds. They stick out like a sore thumb too. I have a boat blind on my mud boat. It’s ok if I can bury it up in brush out of sun. I have layout blinds for hunting river edges. And have some flooded timber holes too. Only thing I don’t have is a A frame blind. I’m pretty versatile tho depending on the area I’m hunting.

  9. Joel, not everyone has access to the "Coolest" blind, some of us hike in and even lay on a barren beach and sit up and shoot. We do just that, respecting your info, would you consider reviewing HECS suits ?

  10. I’m usually the lead caller in my groups so I wear face paint so I can look up at the ducks and work them, but I tell everyone I’m with that they don’t have to wear face paint unless they want to but if they don’t. I tell them to look down while I’m working ducks to hide their faces

  11. As far as blinds go, I live in Central Illinois where the management is garbage due to no funding and on corp ground were lucky to hide behind some trees lol. It gets it done but the beavers like to pick apart your natural cover all winter.

  12. There is a few tricks to being really conciled. 1 make specific movements like when you move move don't move around unless you move into a position. Birds pick up on random movements like shaking swinging etc. 2nd take your outer layer of gear and swamp it, like wear it into dirty water or rub dirt on it. Creak silt etc works great, then never wash it again wash your under layers. Commercial washing agents have something in them that makes them glow in sunlight. Third. Get some Elvis shades don't know why but ducks hate being eyeballed yet you can wear solid gold or silver reflectors and no problem. And lastly if your card table chair becomes a blind waterfowl hate shadows, so make it open or covered having the old school slit roof with a dugout shadow is what's scaring the birds if your wondering you could make the blind out of purple pocadot material as long as it doesn't have a shadow. They started making ground blinds like the zero gravity and low body because the birds were getting wise to them because they threw a shadow. If you are out in the open make your shadow into a bush or something natural and you can effectively just sit covered up and do fine. Silhouettes and straight lines and corners don't look natural to anything. Even more so when its a shadow.

  13. Just went on a youth hunt and it is a challenge to keep kids still but it's how you teach them and one day the light goes on and you have a young hunter that now knows to stay still. If you ever hunted with your father as a small child you know what I'm talking about stay calm and let them be kids it will come around. It's not just about killing. It's about passing on knowledge and skill.

  14. we see tv videos all the time with hunters not concealed well. Invariably the birds flare and they are shooting at birds at long range. There is a better way obviously. This video is helpful in re-inforcing the idea of complete camouflage and sitting still. It works for bow hunting and it works on ducks.

  15. I guide and have people trying to follow the ducks circling with their barrow 2ft out of the blind you would be surprised how much people move in a blind and don't thing ducks can see you

  16. I was standing out of a creek duck hunting….saw a deer trotting right at me (camo'd head to toe) didn't move and it was 15 yrds from me….slight move the deer froze then took off. Lesson don't move. It's the first thing I say in the duck blind.

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