The Rollover Boat – A Forgotten Method Of Sneak Boat Hunting For Ducks

The rollover boat was extremely popular in the 40’s and 50’s for hunting ducks on moving water, but it drifted into obscurity.

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  1. I like this and it serves a purpose for an era where people were hunting for survival and this improves your chances, no doubt about it. But I’d rather kill ducks over decoys than do this if I’m not hunting for survival.

  2. Excellent! Great info! This is a bit of hunting trivia I have never heard, thank you keep up the good work. I guess this is a little bit more stealth than those cannons on the boats down in Chesapeake Bay for geese hunting at the turn of the century

  3. Why not make it look more like a log ducks are smarter than most think you always wit until they commit to land then blast them but the littlest glare or suspicion will scare them off

  4. The reason nobody uses these anymore is it's basically jump shooting . For someone that just want meat this is what you do . This is NOT duck hunting . Fair chase is out the door .

  5. The alternative method to sculling. Just when I thought I had seen it all and it makes perfect sense for river life. Must be quite an ordeal on the oar in any winds above 12 mph with so much freeboard, stay right, stay right! Thanks for sharing

  6. Or just create/buy a canopy than resembles it like we have for the last 20-30 years. No need to risk capsizing for an effect that arguably wasn't even that good to begin with…

  7. Man id love to have one of those.  Floating up ducks is mighty fun and how I started.  Its fun standing beside a tree and watching greenheads drop through the canopy but suprising them in an eddy in a river bend is mighty fun too.

  8. Thanks for sharing
    Reminds me of the guys that used punt guns and would lay down and float up on a whole group of ducks before unloading. I’ve was told some cool old stories by my grandfather who hunted Cairo and Reelfoot. He was an OG duck hunter I’ve still got his calls

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